Class 3 malocclusion and myopia

One of my family also had myopia and Class 3. The myopia seemed to progress even after 40 years of age. Yet it ended in the medium range (not severe > 4 D). It might be like the progression is due to ciliary spasm only, as there also was presbyopia.
I have Class 3 malocclusion and severe myopia. One of my eyes also has high astigmatism (I define it as > 2 diopters CYL in contact lens correction). On that side I have worse malocclusion with lower molars tilted inwards. Wearing the dental splint for a week to neutralize those seemed to lower corneal astigmatism by 0.37 D and confirmed by keratometry, but the results can be due to other methods like longer time not wearing correction for astigmatism or modified eye exercise set.

@Ursa can we clarify what high astigmatism does mean?

Class 3 is the most rare malocclusion - only 1-5% of White population have this class. Perhaps it’s comparable to people having more myopia than usual (1-3 D) or progression (even 0.25 per 2-3 years) that did not stop after 20s.

The figures I gave in the guide we are working on for high and very high astigmatism came from the internet. Check there. I have no idea who determined these figures, but I am sure you can find out.