Class II div 1 and myopia; Class III, strabismus and myopia; Cross-bite and astigmatism

It seems occlusion definitely has to do with eye alignment. There was a research Class III is related with no convergence problems, and my words is people having Class III could have too strong convergence combined with converging strabismus if the former was critical. And the latter could lead to high myopia due to accommodative loop. Worth noting, Class II div 1 is related to myopia directly.

Cross-bite is related to astigmatism. I had cross-bite. Astig’m is not related to myopia - cases with -12.5 myopia or more with zero astig’m as well as equal sphere and cylinder in -2/-3 ranges.

Athough, not anyone having one or more of these neccessarily has got those problems.

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Class II/1 and myopia: Prevalence of myopia in a population with malocclusions - PubMed

Class III and no convergence deficits; cross-bite and strabismus:

Bite and Sight (Class III/Cross-bite and Astigmatism):

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Do you mew?

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Yes I do. Not only, I do hard approach of Starecta method, and considering starting orthocraniodontology. Orthodonthy but instead of just moving teeth it reverses the cause of malocclusion. Starecta is focused on scoliosis reversal, so wearing it I instantly have no pain but rotations I have will likely reverse after month 7. But even in 2 months my spine is straighter (it was relatively straight before though, but I strive to achieve zero curve at all, unlike many/most people on Earth).

Yes, eye problems are most likely caused by this. Considering just genetics and habits is too narrow sight. There are many of malocclusion patients with strabismic disorders in the Telegram chat of cause-addressing malocclusion reversal methods. They fixed it using some of the methods I listed. And many with myopia. Yesterday a person with cross-bite contacted me because she has -4 myopia and 3 D of astigmatism.

My problem still persists after close up. The binocular vision collapses and I do hard to maintain single image, if no, eyes hockey off slightly closer to bridge/nose. And today after I did not do orthoptic exercise yesterday, double vision appears in the right or left again. Starecta alone is too ineffective for that I guess, still need to exercise it as well. I have a DIY Starecta, the original broke and is just uncomfortable. Will add some ALF abilities to it - to lengthen the lower jaw by untilting the lower incisors.

I wear -8.5 glasses for close up (65 cm). Considering glasses require more cylinder due to vertex distance (3 instead of 2 and 1.75 instead of 1.25), the experience is more uncomfortable than with contacts. But if the text is really small, I draw closer or enlarge the text. In that I can tell text is blurry or not, typeface etc. So does not interfere with my design insight hobbies. I am uncomfortable with cylinder, either due to it’s not lens-induced or that is psychological. So I am with my temporary glasses (-7 and -1.5 same-shaped lenses together) until 2 weeks I will receive Ortho C (Paragon HDS) lenses and myopia could reduce, like even by 15-30% after first days. If not, the astigmatism has really to reduce to the amounts I don’t require it to do EM close up - it is more by ciliary spasm and not actual cornea deformity.

So I have a point, there is a predisposition for incremental astigmatism or myopia due to maloccusion. To say it is still perfectly reversible with stimulus, but there always would be a fight against its leftovers and it may never reach 0.00. @Astigmatism_Assasin

So some people corrected the newly appeared astigmatism, but it appears again and again. It is like 0.75 more than actual correction. So I decided to not correct it at all, at least up close. And recommend everyone to not correct it if it just appeared at 0.75 value and not increase CYL increased by such a value.

I don’t deny there are in-eye genetic (or might be not?) predispositions, but those having decompensated or compensated (by means of orthodonthy or braces) malocclusion should deal with it along with doing EM.

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Not much related to the topic, but I liked to write by my nose (16 cm or so) for long time without a break. Know that would not cause any myopia in those not defined in the list, but this also might explain why I got more myopia than usual.

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Perhaps you would find this video interesting It’s about forward head posture but I think it will help you develop understanding of your body as a whole. In particular at 8:45 the model he uses to approach forward head posture and extrapolating from there. As well as the point he makes about bad habits at 5:30 How to FIX Forward Head Posture - Proven by Science (22 studies) + Myth Busting! - YouTube

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Thank you :slight_smile: Although I now have more like head upward tilt.

And Starecta usually fixes Left AIC right BC pattern or rotated torso (basically what I have but it’s easier for people to understand by scoliosis) like in half a year if it’s borderline. I never have had scoliosis like in girls which progresses and of unknown origin. So anyone interested in complete reversal would look into the jaw and skull as well, since that is what prevented my rotation to unroll.

As well there is a strong correlation of malocclusion and eye movement disorder. Anyone having such should look there, too. I personally benefit from Starecta as far as eye movement or con/divergence issues are concerned.

I wondered why I beaten scoliosis many times but the next days it appeared again, and now found the cause - jaw misalignment and malocclusion, especially cross-bite. Google PRI techniques if you or someone close to you suffers from the similar problems. It’s scientific and powerful.

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That is addressed in the video too

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It seems the author has some strabismic position of eyes

Last month to 2 been wearing -8.50 glasses for close up and -7.00 contacts (just like to wear them off, will rebase to -8.00 or -8.50 perhaps) for distance, no cylinder in all. Now -8.50 spherical is enough (instead of -9.00) in glasses to see vertical lines sharply. Since my vision is now again improved (I done this trick with contacts for close up in the autumn and it also has improved back then) using corrections between sphere and spherical equivalent, the summer vision worsening was due to other factor (or just I looked too much on hyperopic-defocused vertical lines).

Today I opened the case and took the -9.00 cyl -1.50. Must say my vision really seems superior compared to it when I wore them 1.5 months ago. Can recognize 20/20 with both eyes on 6m Snellen in well lit (with indirect sunlight and partially cloud weather) hall. Now I can look at horizontally run wires in that correction and feel comfortable. Right eye as well seems to see better, but still far from good with -1.50 cyl. Maybe it’s still at -3.00 cyl glasses and -2.25 cyl contacts.

By mewing more on the right side, I cope with “taller” right canines and premolars and right lower molars tilted inside, also trying to cope with more astigmatism and excyclotorsion/overelevation in adduction of the right eye. So I can almost definitely say, if my jaw alignment was good and I don’t use inappropriate glasses, I could have halted at -3 or -4 I had stabilized for a couple of years. Now just is a must to use reduced correction and do not get to the point eyes like to converge. Will update this post with attaching the link to my testimony about Starecta splint. After 2 months of using it, my eyes want to look only straight instead of looking closer to nose when tired.