Clear flash excitement

My daughter had a clear flash!!! She came to me so excited because with her -3 myopia she could read her alarm clock from across the room, but only till she blinked. It is so great to see her excited about her vision :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::partying_face: I feel every bit as excited about her clear flash (maybe even more) as my own clear flashes.
It’s kind of funny because her and I both are at pretty well the same point of myopia. She has managed to stop her progression, but has had little interest in improving her interest, she wants to in word but less so in deed.She gets so excited about my landmarks, if was highly gratifying to see her excited about her own.


That’s incredible. Congratulation to both of you.

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I also have had that when I was -3, back in 2011.
I was excited plus lens therapy improved my eyesight to 20/25 from -3 in 10 days, but… it was the same temporary effect, lasted only when doctor checked my visual acuity.
Sorry to say you that it’s not the real improvement. As it is only “contact lens effect” - a drop at the cornea changed its refractive power.

These two assess diopters objectively:

  • Axial length measurement
  • Autorefractor with accommodation completely paralyzed

Some pupil dilation drops paralyze accommodation only to a certain extent - you still able to read and see perfectly clear text 10-30 cm closer, depending on level of myopia.

Don’t actually use plus lenses with her. And I know a clear flash doesn’t mean lasting change, but it was the first time (in a long time) she opened her eyes and saw anything but blur without lenses. So exciting for us :blush: a preview of what’s to come if she buckles down on her vision habits


Everyone is entitled to hold an opinion on vision improvement based on own experience.

Your experience - put together from the 73 topics you started in the past 100 days - is based on your -8 / -9D vision and experiments with drops, plus glasses and Bates method. The latter meaning you are looking at the screen without corrections from a distance of 13 cms as you explained. You have read materials about the changes the EM method suggests, but have not started the implementation and are still hesitating whether to order your first differentials at all.

Coming from your experience it is impossible to make an informed judgement on an experience like the clear flash during an EM journey. Those who improved eyesight permanently (and opto confirmed!) know that the improvement is clear flash, AF’able blur, DV, clear vision.
Not because of EM but because these are the steps the other way around with degrading eyesight.

So @Lloydmom’s update is truly exciting and sounds great :blush:


Thank you! We are both so excited, I even let her do a voice over and posted a new video for her, on my channel :blush:


She’s a natural.


The voice over is so cute! She speaks just like you!
That is so exciting! Hopefully it gives her a little motivation for her own vision improvement,
and hopefully is also a foretaste of great things to come for her.


I’ve just watched it and she sounds so. Adorable. Now I’m excited about her clear flash too!

I think we should shift our way of thinking to celebrate the clear flash instead of deploring the fact that they don’t last. I do not remember getting clear flashes myself unfortunately, but from the sound of them they’re an awesome thing. They’re the proof that your brain is fully equipped to put it all together and it’s only a matter of putting in the work after that. It’s not only encouraging because it gives hope, it is encouraging because it shows that the brain is catching up and fully ready to give it a try!

Looking forward to both of your improvements!


Congrats!! Clear flashes still sound something like a miracle to me :smiley: Very exciting! :tulip: :blossom:


This is my hope too :heart_eyes:

Yay! :grin::grin: and 100% agree, I do veiw them as proof of the fact that “eyes are not broken” and it is a very exciting preview of what is to come :blush: I hope you will soon have this experience too.

They feel like it too, I first started having them before even finding EM and was sure I was fooling myself with wishful thinking :joy:


I’ve not had a clear flash myself and before EM I likely wouldn’t have believed those that have. Still happy to hear about everyone’s experience. It’s just fun seeing others excited about improving. No one I know outside of here understands or cares.

Thanks for sharing!


This! This is why the community is, in my opinion a pillar of the method. It’s so easy to get discouraged, impatient and lose motivation, but then you see those in the community improving and it’s just the boost you need :slight_smile:


You are likely correct. If I had been part of this community I don’t think I would have given up on EM the first go around. Support is more helpful than information much of the time.


So much this.
One of the rules of behaviour change is to join a group where your desired behaviour is normal and expected; that is not only because as a tribal species we strive to fit in with the group’s norms, it is also instrumental to setting our own expectations right (in the same way children raised in monolingual families think of a foreign language as an insurmountable challenge whereas kids in bilingual families never give it a second thought). The important part though is that if you are not in Le Meow, then you are likely in a group where eyestrain and extremely bad eye hygiene is the norm. The problem with a modern society that is so short-sighted and impatient is that you need a niche online community simply to start normalising caring for your eyes. Otherwise, the normal behaviour is to stare at the phone 8+ hours per day; first thing in the morning (“I need to stay informed”), during meals and every free moment in the day (“what else am I to do when everyone else is looking at their phones?”), and all night up to 3 in the morning (“I’ll just check facebook one last time”).
Funny thing the war on drugs, when the entire world’s population is either fully addicted or recovering from addiction (internet, sugar, junk food, alcohol, …)


Yay! I’m actually grinning here.

I’m always referring to the community when telling my husband about our progress.

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I guess I could point out that no small part of my excitement here, is relief, due to the fact this occurred a month into full remote schooling!