Close up sucks!

Basically I have quit my phone I used it only for alarm (I am a lazy guy)


Lockdown wreaked havoc on my vision too.

If you can go outside all the time in the Summer with no eyeball killing smartphone habits it might go pretty fast. Typically it would take a year, maybe two.

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I’m reading a book right now [Vision for Life by Meir Schneider] written by a guy who grew up blind and works with a lot of (nearly blind) very-low-vision patients. He had somebody search him up after losing one eye in a car crash and losing 96% of his optic nerve in his other eye, and the doctors didn’t think that little 4% bit of optic nerve was enough to “do anything”, so he went looking for non-mainstream treatments.

Understandably people like that are pretty bitter about having lost almost all of their eyesight.

A big part of the book is “learning to enjoy what vision you have” instead of focusing on all the defects and problems in your vision. You want to max-out your eyes and get them seeing as well as they can.

In your case, with good habits, you’ll probably get to 20/20 or better. So, to the extent you can, you want to reframe your thinking from “I’m still at -0.75, this sucks and is taking too long…”

You’re already more than halfway to where you want to be. You need to try to find stuff you like to do outdoors that lets your eyes get better, and try to protect yourself as best you can from all the required screen time. If I were you I’d probably get a pair of very low-powered plus lenses to wear in front of the computer, maybe +0.25 or +0.50.

You’ll probably be back to 20/20 or better before you’re 18. There are plenty of other things to get pissed off about in the world, try not to dwell too much on being one diopter away from perfect vision.


I will take all this in my consideration but I have read that plus lenses are risky.

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Like everything else, someone somewhere will screw it up. There are a bunch of places on the internet with dubious advice of “just wear plus lenses to fix myopia”.

In your particular case, you’re young and don’t have to worry about presbyopia for 20 years, and you’re at a low-enough level of myopia that it’s hard to get enough distance on the computer and still reach it. I think low-powered plus lenses would be very useful to you. Probably they would help relieve a little bit of the eyestrain from the computer use that you have to do for school.


75% problem resolved :joy:

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Do you need to keep your video on all the time? Can you move about/ walk around/ practice active focus looking at something blurry during your class? (My creative writing teacher had made us move about/ walk backwards/ write with the non-dominant hand, just to rewire our brains to think differently).

Do you go out now? To get groceries? Any shopping? Just for a stroll or a jog

That’s good progress! Last diopter is tough. My right eye has remained at the same “diopter” -1.00 since the past 2 years, left has improved from -0.75 to -0.50 . In your case, I do not think it will take so long as you have just gotten glasses; I had worn contacts for years and years.

(Just my own observations, to my specific case) My motivations come and go, with eyesight and other things in life. More important than motivation for me was a routine. I would get up and step out in the mornings and evenings, even now take a walk on the street since my garden is closed. Do you have a timetable outside the time you are on your laptop?

At 16, you have already, not only figured out EM but also made improvements. [Edit: :+1:] So many people your age (and older) are still struggling. This journey can only make you more independent and self aware, in other areas of your life as well. All the best to you! Looking forward to your updates.


Actually before knowing about endmyopia and the biology of the eyes my desk setup was not agronomical so I made a shift and move it near my room’s window so I started practicing Active Focus between my classes and I generally sit around 100-110 cm which seems blurry but after 15-20 minutes it all clears up without any effort I don’t know how it happens!
Generally we don’t have to keep our videos on all the time.


I go for a jog in the morning and I can clear all the blur around but after that no outdoors,


I am sorry if I hurt someone.
I have written this so because in the starting I was full of energy and curiosity but with the time it started to have a retarted motion .

:smiley: I was trying to give you a compliment! You have done so much at 16.


regarding laptop - it’s MUCH better for your eyes to connect an external LARGE monitor, try it


interesting. made no difference to me. either way I work at the computer. just try to make your home setup as good as your office one


I think you are right to be cautious about plus lenses. You are doing quite well without messing about in that. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Where you are you only need correction sometimes so that is really nothing to be upset about. I used to need glasses to find my glasses… When your motivation dips you can listen to shortsighted podcast or student videos, this helps me. Otherwise, don’t stress it, keep the good habits, if you aren’t motivated to push for gainz for a bit that is fine, you can always pick it back up. As long as you don’t start taking up bad vision habits again your progress will stay until you are more motivated again.


Thanks for your suggestions.
Actually my main goal is to see television without any correction :joy:

:joy: Well goals are good lol


@Sandra collected a lot of useful things to know about low myopia here:

And if TV is your goal you may find ideas here on how to work on the mid-distance clarity:

If you are interested in working away this last bit you might want to check out my journey:

  • what changes I monitored and what I measured in this post (in the second half of the post)
  • what corrections I wore and how in this post

and then the later posts down the thread titled “Excerpts from my journal” parts 1 to 3

But I agree with the others: take it easy, no need to push hard for it. Maybe you just keep the good habits, lay back and one day you realise that there is no difference in vision between the current corrections and no corrections.
The only important thing is not to let the bad habits creep back - stay away from the phone screen as much as possible, don’t sit too close to the monitor or hold books too close, find opportunities to look far (further than 20 meters), have enough lights around you when studying or reading, avoid too much stress and learn to relax your shoulders and neck.)

And JFYI: plus glasses didn’t work for me at all. They messed up my vision more than they helped.


Thanks for your support.
But I have read almost all the posts from the low myopia section including yours and from the wiki in the low myopia section[All about Glasses and Nearsighted:Q&A]. not once but several times :smiley:my favourite topic was:
(Low Myopia Pro Topic) Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.
Your journey seems to be very fast.


I wish Endmyopia existed when I was 16☺️. It is truly a bummer that this pandemic has caused our youth to study online, sometimes on smartphones. I was curious if learning at home actually gives you more opportunity to step outside more frequently than if you were in the classroom. Stepping outside with peripheral vision awareness helps your crystalline lens to relax in between tense close-up work. No real timetable getting to 20/20 as it differs for everyone, but rest assured you are certainly on the right track and can motivate others with good vision habits especially living with these circumstances. I’ve told many people working at home that the opportunity to go outside is greater than when they’re at the office confined by four walls.


Big time same!

My kids take their computers outside frequently, better than under the bad lighting at school but still way too much time in close up with not nearly enough shifting focus.


Thanks for your reply
I think you are right that there is no specific time to reach 20/20 it depends on circumstances but what vision I have before finding endmyopia and today it’s like a very huge difference now I can see everything almost clear with only a some amount of AF and can see television from 6m almost clear(75% rest 25% will be back when this pandemic will get over).
I am just one blink away from my goal!