Closing eyes vs. looking faraway

Thank you in advance for reviewing my questions!
(1) Which relaxes the eyes more: closing eyes, or looking in the distance?
(2) Can you achieve the same result as looking faraway by closing eyes and imagining seeing mountains in the distance?
(3) What do you think of the eye exercises that every Chinese student does daily?

(1) There are several, correlating symptoms that we qualify as “eye strain” despite different causes. Staring at screens might cause a spasm of the accommodation, dry eyes from decreased blinking rates and probably other symptoms. Closing your eyes and blinking should help with redistributing tear fluid. Looking in the distance should help relax your ciliary body. Both bring relief for different reasons.

(2) I doubt it. From personal experience, natural light has effects on eyesight that are not placebo. Though I suppose that some degree of relaxation can be achieved through visualization. But I don’t believe it will be the same as the real thing.

(3) I did not even know that Chinese students did eye exercises daily, I am sorry if that is common knowledge but I can’t answer this question. However, from the prevalence of myopia in the country, I must say that if it is helping, it is certainly not enough to counteract the damage caused by lack of outdoor activities and mainstream optometry.
Generally speaking, forcing kids to do boring eye exercises when myopia can be prevented through adequate outdoor playtime is beyond my understanding.

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Yeah I was going to say, it can’t be very good judging by the rates of myopia there, but maybe it trains extra ocular muscles

@Salt Thank you so much for sharing! I reason that if you stare at the screen for 1 hour, and then close your eyes. Your ciliary muscles may still be tight. But if you look in the distance after close up work, you may relax ciliary muscles.