Clouclip - near work alarm for children

Personally, the 45 minute timer is a no-sale for me. But might be useful to someone who isn’t me. Rings an alarm if near work is too close or too long.

Most of the website is not English, but this is:

I have two of these. Has five minute increments and a clever mechanism to show green , yellow, red lights, with optional, volume controlled buzz that is not annoying.

I need to find out if the Android apis have a range finder on the selfie camera, of so might be able to rig up a service to track usage distance/time.

So I got a quote for these.

Quotation Sheet -2020.pdf (56.9 KB)

They don’t seem to have an API (I asked, answer unclear but doesn’t sound like it). Not sure how much interest there is, and how we would get collective data potential if people wanted to participate. Seems an interesting tool though for more community sharing of our close-up use.

Or … the hardware premise is pretty straightforward. I could buy one and take it to Shenzhen and have more made - because China. :grimacing: Our own app and data context for screen distance and logging.

Are they ripping you off Jake?
My previous post on what I saw on taobao is much cheaper.

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I’ll resist comment … :joy:

Good pointing out though. I’ve been mulling this one off and on - though with the thought that it’s one more thing to deal with and keep and charge and whatnot, and that the overall use could be less than equal to the effort to get it into the tools list.

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yep. yeh its very tempting. It’s on my list and I’m thinking of maybe doing a ‘nerdy self-quantified’ thread on it.

But yeh similar to what Kem posted up front. Im tossing up, are there already a bunch of low-tech free tools that we can use to moderate our behaviour? Get us away from screens, get us outside. Yep.

Having said that, I guess the benefit may be in the software, not just the hardware. Getting some really freakin clear data on one’s one behaviour. Though the tools I use are effective in moderating my behaviour they are all separated and impossible to quantify.

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If we want to get a group purchase thing going on, I’d be open to chipping in. I’m not so keen on the idea of reverse engineering one to use our own data, but this may be something that the company would be willing to white label for a research group or something and give us access to the telemetry data.

Regardless, I think something like this would be helpful for my daughter and I’d probably use it myself as well. I am interested in ordering one or two of them assuming the app is localized and available for use in the US.

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Yea, especially for kids. I still struggle with that one, there is a lot of nuance in sorting this out with a child. Some actual data points there seem like they could be instructive in some cases.

Look at the quotation, i just realize it’s a Chinese company in Hangzhou. Pleeeease don’t take it to SZ for reverse engineering, they cannot take the hit and a good tech. company might just go bankrupt because of that :rofl:

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i saw come comment on Taobao complaining about the battery life, someone says it only last for 4 hours which might make it unpractical for full-day usage. but it does not look like a common issue. so if you are considering get one, might be worth to ask the seller how good the battery is. (official claims 5-7 days battery life, seems unrealistic for normal usage considering the size and it has Bluetooth connection as well)

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your screenshot shows about 80$ for F1, 160$ for P1, Jake’s quotation is for P2 and M2(not in their retail production list), the buying price looks quite good actually considering you are looking at 12-12 price on Taobao these days…