Cly- against the rule

Okay, so I think I have against the rule astigmatism and tend to notice the horizontal line more than vertical.i have not yet tested my eyes on my mini Snellen chart to gauge what I need in my differential glasses. I have looked through some posts which indicate that my posture may be a contributing factor and would sort of make sense… my eyes have been worse since home working… lesser quality of light and different work station. Anyone have any interesting guides on combating this sort of astigmatism ?. I must work out my distance so I can try and reduce my new prescription… Since the majority of my prescription is Cly i need to work out the code to crack it.

I might be wrong but I get the feeling that instead of the suggested measurements on a properly sized Snellen, your current strategy is to keep opening topics until someone finally explicitly says “yes that was my case exactly and I dropped this and this from cyl” or “yes that was my case, too, change sph like this and cyl like that” or simply: “yeah bad luck you can’t be helped”
Well, it’s totally possible to reduce from prescription with your cyl and sph ratio, but yeah, you can’t be helped if you don’t start with real measurements and observations about your eyes, if you don’t put in the work. Even if you find a similar case that case will be the journey of another pair of eyes, based on another person measuring and observing her or his eyes’ reactions to changes.
Sorry to deliver bad news.


Fully behind @BiancaK here. You have opened 5 or more threads dude! All with essentially the same content and questions. Myself and others have pointed you the right direction. You need to do the reading, measure correctly and make some solid, informed, choices for yourself. The forum can not take your journey for you, and really one thread would have been sufficient.

Okay so I am over zealous in finding a best fit approach which is apparent not around. My only rational approach to my numerous posts is ask and find what others have experienced, thus giving me my foundation to start. Realising the comments already posted are adequate I will reframe from posting more.

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No two experiences are exactly the same. There is a wealth of knowledge available to you but you will always have to tailor it for your own personal situation. Also new posts in the same thread are just as readable without needing to create redundant threads. As a rule in the forum it is a good idea to give people time to respond, your first day you started three threads in about 12 hours to the same tune, this community needs at least 24 hours just to get to everyone’s time zones, plus people are busy and there are many threads so it can be a few days before we catch up sometimes. Patience is important, but again the resources are available and all the previous threads are available to you to seek out experiences similar to your own, on your own time. This is not a race you have time to slow down and learn all you need to know to make choices. Truly best wishes to you, I look forward to reading of your progress once you are ready to move forward.


You are both doctor and patient.

This is your science project and nobody will have your exact same measurements, issues and conditions.

BUT, you can zero in on resolving your own issues by observing the experiences of others and trying things out for yourself.

Trial and error. Experimentation. You can’t hurt yourself, so just go for it, doctor.

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But make my eyes worse? Who knows :smirk: really

You might correct the title, as there’s a typo and it’s confusing a bit…

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Not 100% true, but as long as you make smart informed choices you should not

But even well informed there is going to be some trial and error because this is not a one size fits all thing. After the initial learning curve it does get easier though, so dive in and adjust as needed.