Cocoa for Eye Health

Potentially cheap and easy source of extra “eye vitamins” for those who enjoy such things.

The study:


And cocaine.


I’m curious about stimulants and insulin and night myopia. I was driving at night earlier with very clear vision and got what I can only describe as an “unclear flash” that lasted for about half an hour. I don’t think it’s cilliary spasm, maybe a mild cilliary spasm. Old pair of -0.25 sph -0.25 cyl glasses cleared all of it, and I stopped to get gas and an iced coffee. About 10 minutes into the iced coffee the crystal clear night vision came back with no need for correction. I’m not sure if my blood sugar drifted slightly low before the coffee (kind of doubt it, but as a T1D it’s always a possibility) or if there is some kind of fatigue or eyestrain that the coffee relieved, or maybe there’s just some kind of cilliary tremor with low-normal blood-sugar and caffeine deprivation.

Whatever it was was short-term, so some kind of temporary reactive state, not axial elongation (obviously).

Unfortunately (fortunately?) I’ve never had a chance see how cocaine helps or hurts my night vision. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By The Light (Watch 1978) - YouTube

Saw the video below the other day, thought EM people who may or may not have experimented with various psychedelic drugs @jakey would appreciate it. She certainly seems to be keen on practising her distance vision, and clearing up a lot of diplopia and astigmatism too. But all those blinks and eye rubs look a little harder than EM would approve.

Might have benefits for people like Ursa.

But for us technology-impacted folks it’s probably counterproductive for myopia.

Because stimulants engage part of the nervous system related to tunnel vision.

Also cocaine in particular is godawful