Cold turkey from -3.0

I have seen a lot of random capitalisation like this, and I doubt it has anything to do with native language. But I will not say any more, as this may not be considerate towards Jason. I admire anyone who makes an attempt to communicate in a language they have not fully mastered.

@Jasonn You seem to want reassurance that the EM method will work for you, and that you can achieve 20/20 vision. No-one can guarantee this, but it has worked for enough people that you can afford to give it a try. My first bit of advice is that you learn to measure your own eyes, and you can find out how to do so on the website and the forum. You will also find a Snellen chart useful, and you can print out one yourself, although commercial ones are usually of a better quality. This costs nothing other than some searching and reading. Once you know what your actual diopters are (it may be more than -2.5 if you are just assuming it has not changed over the past years) you can start thinking about what would be good for you as diffs for long hours of screen work, rather than making a wild guess as you seem to have done.

I agree that language is primarily a means for communication, and Jason can make himself understood, so I’m not trying to be pedantic about grammar. I’m genuinely curious how or why this random capitalisation is created, it’s definitely a first for me.

This was not intended as a reproach to you, and the only reason I am a little less in the dark than you are is on account of my volunteer English teaching in the part of the world concerned. I have to keep the English language teacher part of me locked up, as she has an inclination to be pedantic. Alas she sometimes rattles her bars so vigorously that I have to let her out from time to time. :grin:

And to keep me humble, I had to correct two errors in this post. I have become too used to the computer pointing out my errors to me. :astonished:

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I really wasn’t sure if it was a reproach, thanks for clearing that up. :slight_smile: I’ve definitely also been part of the grammar police at one time or another, but I’m a lot more relaxed now, especially with non-native speakers.

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Unfortunately English is not my native language. What to do? When world understands this language, we need to learn and communicate using it. I am very patient at writing clear queries and hence in the process I go mostly with the flow maintaining the discipline of whether I was communicating in some understandable manner or not? because at least as English is a World wide Language and me from some Native Asian Country always feel better that I was able to communicate in English language, While the Native Speakers can’t even write or spell a line of mine Native language which you must be proud of.

@usra See, I have already by this time gathered a lot of information. Like told those queries are my queries if you have to say that you do and see it works or not means? Then I won’t even ask that question as after thorough research those are things I want to know from someone. Maybe your answer might appeal for a Newbie but not for me. I am not saying anything against but urging to understand from perspective of others why they asking and respond accordingly.

@Jasonn I am happy to hear that you have already done some thorough research, and I am sorry if I have mistaken you for a newbie. Sometimes it is difficult to tell. In the future I will not say anything to you unless you ask me specifically. In that way we will avoid misunderstandings. :grinning:

@Ursa See nothing like that, If you have read my story, I never liked wearing spectacles. So when I discovered EM method, I am hoping to go to Zero power so that I never need to wear spectacles. Even if it gone from -2.5 to -1.0 is still a gain and I agree but when I can’t see Naturally fully i.e going up to zero that thing really disappointing me especially when I heard those stories of going from -1.0 to zero take a lot of time or else it may not be that easy. That worries a Person especially of my case who never want to wear spectacles. I am sorry if I replied harsh but you can understand right my situation.

I did read your story, and with your low myopia, it is very likely that you can get to a stage where you need no glasses at all. There is no need to apologise - it takes time to get to know each other on a forum, and to get used to the way different people interact and express themselves.

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I just measured again after a long break and got so excited that I wanted to share. I don’t measure very often but sometimes put on different glasses in 0.25 increments to see at which point I don’t get any improvements anymore. Over the winter I hardly noticed any improvements, if anything I felt like it was getting worse, which didn’t surprise me.

I still use my laptop for 13 hours every day and don’t spend much time outside. I never wear any glasses and have a lot of tolerance for blur. But I do make an effort to clear blur up when I notice it, particularly on text. I look outside regularly and try to clear up as much as I can, but I’m not a prime candidate for improvement.

And yet, I suddenly realized yesterday that I had spent the last week working with my screen much further away than it used to be, and that I wasn’t having any blur challenge at all. So I went and got my tape measure and measured that I was working at 57cm! Today I can comfortably read the 20/20 line with my -1.75 glasses.

It seems I also experienced the winter slump and now that the days are getting longer my eyes suddenly decided to improve.

So to anyone else who has tons of screen time: Your eyes can still get better. We’ll have to see how things progress but I’m already very happy that I had that much of an improvement with relatively low effort.


I just happened to have my first very obvious clear flash! I randomly looked up from my work and at my Snellen chart and noticed I could see up to the 20/20 line. For a moment I thought I was wearing glasses - then I realized I wasn’t! It only lasted a few seconds but it is incredibly encouraging. :star_struck:


Good for you :clap: :clap:
A first! To be followed by many more!!


So excited! :blush:

Just called the optician where I got my last glasses from, about five years ago.

Turns out it was slightly higher than I remembered:

Right eye: sph: -3.25 cyl: -0.25 at 165°
Left eye: sph: -3.0 cyl: -0.5 at 180°

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Yikes, I just used my phone for 20 minutes at about 15cm distance. Experienced intense blur and double vision at 40cm right after this! I wonder how much of my improvements despite long laptop hours are due to the fact that I barely use my phone at all, often going days without even looking at it.