Comparison of time required for progress between ranges of myopia

Considering the fact that at lower range of myopia, removing 0.25D of SPH creates a lot of blur than removing 0.25D in moderate or high myopia, can we collate data about the rate of progress in each range.

Jake says about 3-4 months per 0.25 diopter regardless of range. Most likely it happens because the axial length change is constant, not like the blur distance.

Endmyopia.ods (14.1 KB)

I have uploaded a file in which I have tabled the data in a manner that you will be able to see the distance in centimetres by which our eyes will have to clear at every 0.25 drop. Since, it was for my personal use, the higher dioptre ends at -7. Looking at this data, I find that not all 0.25 drops would be equal for my eyes to accommodate.