Computer Nose Posture Ocular Dominance Trick

Who this may relevant for: I think some of the minute <.25 diopter differences between eyes and tiny astigmatism can easily addressed by this neat posture trick using your ability to detect Ocular Dominance
And is an especially neat trick especially for those of you that are in front of screens all day.

Testing your ocular dominance: So you look at the screen, or your object of interest. If you pay attention to your periphery while concentrating on your object of interest. Then, if you are exposing your right’s sides face more then you will see the right side of your nose (you will see the right side of your nose in the left area of your field of vision). likewise, if you are exposing your face’s left side more then you will see the left side of your nose (in the right of your field of view)

The trick to Adjusting your ocular dominance: try to get in the middle so that you are seeing both sides of your nose in the periphery roughly the same while your eyes are concentrating ahead in the direction of your object of visual interest.


Thanks. I’m interested in this, but I don’t understand what you mean by exposing a side of your face.

“Then, if you are exposing your right’s sides face more then you will see the right side of your nose (you will see the right side of your nose in the left area of your field of vision). likewise, if you are exposing your face’s left side …”

What does that mean?

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It’s just a way I’m suggesting to think about whether you are looking at something straight ahead.
Like look how at this moment
Ex-Pimp's Trick To Make Any Woman Chase You | Mickey Royal - YouTube
The guy on the right, is exposing his left sides more toward the camera.
What he sees would be different than if he did the opposite and exposed his right side more towards the camera

Assuming a relatively regular nose i find this as a good way of checking for this. Cause I imagine many myopics haven’t trained their understanding of 3D space that well.

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Do you see the side of your nose? It’s a challenge. If I close my left eye and look inward, my right eye can see my nose. If I turn my head to the right, exposing the left side of my nose, I see more of my right side of the nose. At least that is my interpretation of what I see. Maybe it’s a trick of the light. I don’t perceive my nose at all with both eyes open unless I cross my eyes.

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I might just have a big nose. I can look straight and see my nose in the periphery. I normally don’t see it but if I’m cognizant about it I can see it.

Yeah this is what I was trying to say not to do. I mean you can turn your head however you want. But ideally the direction you’re looking at is centered.
If you’re doing what you’re describing and seeing more of your nose’s right side. Then that means your object of visual interest is to the left, so you should turn your head more to the left. So that there isn’t a preference between which side of the nose you see.

They say ears and noses never stop growing though so you’ll be able to do it eventually.

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Possible Suggestion: To take advantage of this by changing the ocular > dominance to hasten equalizing of both eyes.

In my current journey:

Eyes were showing improvements, but not equal to my prior normlaize right before reduction since I find that I still need to exert more effort to clear my vision at the same distance. I have tried to equalize by reducing the right lens of my differentials. It was weird at first since the diopter ratio for nomalize and differentials are different.

I require less effort to clear out the blur at the same distance now. My right eye sees more or equally clear than my left eye while using my differentials. I will be trying to equalize my normalize now. I have not done the zero diopter reset but wearing the new normalize felt normal without any distortion or dizziness. At first, my left eye sees better. But with active focus, my right eye sees better at the next blink.

In my struggle to focus on improving my right eye, I noticed that, while in differentials, I would slightly angle my face to the left side and see more blur. My left eye can see clearer but eventually it is my right eye that becomes clearer. I’ve been doing that with my differentials (~4 hours daily) for August, which led me to lower my right lens of my normalize for this month.

While doing normal activities without active focusing, my left eye is clearer, but if I become aware and relax, my right eye tends to project a clearer vision than my left eye.

The reason why I consider this is a possible suggestion is that it may possibly cause astigmatism if this is done long term.

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