Confused but happy to find a friendly optometrist

Hey there,Today I went for an eye checkup.I told my father beforehand to tell that optometrist after eyecheckup to reduce the prescription by 0.25.I thought he is not friendly or won’t reduce.But when I sat on the chair he started to ask,"is this better or that?"Then after that I got my
20/20 prescription of -3.75 in R and --3.50 in L.

I was shocked😲.Bcoz Last time he said he gave me -2.50 in both eyes.I was worried bcoz I rarely touched my phone or was wearing glasses for closeup.How did it increase?.But then he checked my glasses once again.And said it’s not -2.50 but it is -3 in R and -4 in L.That means my eyes improved.I was not actually wearing -2.50 but -3 and -4. Thank God,he checked my glasses once again.Otherwise I would have lost hope in improving vision.

I said I want to reduce my prescription.He said No problem,let’s see how you see with the reduced prescription.I was so happy when he himself encouraged me to reduce.He reduced it to -3.25 in both the eyes.And said come every 3 months to check whether ur eyes have improved,so we can once again reduce.So happy.

Last time I forgot to reduce the Diopters.But still my eyes improved bcoz I wasn’t doing any closeup work with distance glasses.I always looked in the distance most of the time.

The optometrist told me last time to wear my glasses always so that my vision improves.I did the opposite😂.Probably that’s the reason my eyesight improved.So happy to find him near my house.


Good news.
Did your father - dismissing the method - say anything?

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I explained him the whole method not in details bcoz I knew he won’t listen fully.He was like,“It may also be a scam”.But bcoz I was being stubborn,he is going to help me in this method.Happy for that😁.