Confusion needs to be cleared

How to know that I am doing AF correctly? As I am a very low myope with astigmatism (-0.75 sph & -0.5cyl for both eyes) My stigmatism maybe real as I see DV at every distance. I can’t clear image with blinking , I have to stare at a distance for a while (without glasses) to get some clarity but can’t achieve complete clarity. I don’t know how to find the right stimulation for my senario .

If you are clearing blur without straining your eyes you are doing active focus correctly. It gets easier with time. I am confused by:

Are you wearing correction for the astigmatism and still getting the DV? There is not a lot to go on in your question… If you have recently removed the cyl correction there will certainly be a period of adjustment. This is generally much eased by using sufficient spherical correction.

If I were you, rather than trying to do active focus with no glasses at all, try with some weaker glasses, for example (-0.75 SPH and -0.25 CYL) of you could try (-0.5 SPH and -0.5 CYL). You could also try doing no glasses for close-up (probably a good idea) or if you’re working on the computer and you find you really need the astigmatism correction you could try something like (+0.5 SPH -0.5 CYL) for working on the computer, so you’re at least not wearing a huge over-correction when you’re looking at things up close.

The idea with active focus is to use just a tiny bit less correction than your full correction, and see if you can get distant objects to clear up with a simple blink or two. “A little blurry, blink, now I can see it.”

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I have a -0.5sph & -0.5 cyl but I can’t do AF with that because everything seems clear in daylight. To follow Jake’s 20/50 rule I need -0.25 sph. I’m currently trying glass no glass drill (-0.75 or nothing)

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This is not a rule, it is an outdated suggestion that you could do if you were so inclined, and not as your first reduction. Your life will be much easier working from 20/25-20/30 with straight spherical correction, then you have a chance to clear the blur and train out the cyl.


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To be at 20/30 at daylight I need -0.25 sph and astigmatic blurr is less noticable in sunlight. I’m just trying to get rid of the annoying astigmatic blurr before the myopic blurr. If the astigmatism wasn’t there journey would be easier but it is what it is :pensive:

It is ok to not be suffocating in blur. Good even. Your visual cortex still needs clarity in order to know what the goal is. Also just because you don’t notice the blur doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Try working with text at a distance and it will be more evident. Either way do what you think is best, just trying to help.

It’s not an “end myopia” thing but for me at least the astigmatism exercises seemed to help. They all involve looking at images that make astigmatism obvious and trying to clear those images. You can tilt your head a little bit too (will change the part of the image that has astigmatic blur) and help your brain figure out that it’s looking at something that shouldn’t be blurry in one direction.

There are various free apps for the phone or computer that have various images or you can just search them up on line. Move back far enough that your astigmatism is noticeable, and then try to clear it up (move forward if you need to). Once you get it clear try to move back a little further and see if you can do it again.