👽 Conspiracies, Kittehz!


Just finished recording a two hour marathon of a podcast about myopia and shortsightedness, with the awesome Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats.

Seriously impressive how much Greg was prepared for this chat. He absolutely knew what is going on, and must have spent quite a bit of time reading endmyopia and watching our videos. Fantastic conversation - and he got me into the topics I NEVER talk about, namely where an old guru might sometimes mumble into his own beard about sh*t being conspiracies.

Greg be all about dem conspiracies! And maybe you’re thinking … why, Jake? Do you not want to stay away from all those rabbit holes and potential getting labeled as one of “those” people?

Well. Honestly, been less intrigued by doing yet another fitness personality slash alternative health slash self improvement interview vanilla milquetoast podcast, which are all blending into the same exact boring repeat of a story. Bla bla bla myopia, not genetic, look at the science, bla.

I figured, maybe Greg will bring out a new angle, be actually interesting to chat with, introduce us to a bit more of a curious minded audience, … and just have a bit of fun. Plus Greg accomplished a rather neat thing, which is making an actual living out of doing podcasts and charging money for memberships (no ads). People like his stuff enough to pay for it, on the Internet. That’s a testimony to a real bit of value.

Look for an update from me when that podcast is released - and meanwhile, feel free to take a poke at his episode lineup.


Congratulations for venturing boldly into unicorn land. I am looking forward to this one. :wink: If one remembers the historical course of science, quite a few unicorns have turned into horses, and will continue to do so. :unicorn: :unicorn: :horse: :unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn:


That’s how to make us real curious now :joy:


Don’t worry jake, lots of people see you with the unicorns anyways already and always will, so it’s just right to team up with them :wink:


Agree, I don’t really that interested in the podcast, but totally curious about this :smiley:


Thats awesome! Greg is a good Podcast host. I am a fan of his show. THanks for expanding your reach. He has a huge audience and you will help give exposure to these topics to people who would otherwise never have heard of these concepts.



He’s an interesting dude. We’re going to try to do a podcast on our (upcoming new one) with him discussing his favorite conspiracies. Because I’m curious and also it’ll maybe be interesting, plus it’ll be a nice way to return the favor of audience introductions.