Contact lens with no prescription

where can i get contact lenses without prescription

In optic shop near you, in the Internet, medtechnics, pharmacy - I have no clue why it’s too hard for you to find out…

they all want prescription paper

Did you say them that you want contacts without any diopters?

These should be soft or hard contact lenses?

I am not going to offend you, but the questions like this look pretty basic - maybe just Google better for it?

It depends on the country, I’m afraid. In some countries you need prescription, in others you don’t. Try finding online sites where they also sell party contact lenses (colours and shapes) those are less likely to ask for prescription. Or try ordering from outside your country. Good luck.

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Party contacts don’t need a prescription at all, if they are plano-only.

I’ve used these guys before -


Contacts are considered a medical device in many places because they go in your eye and therefore pose serious risk of infection and damage to the delicate tissues of a very important organ. Contacts need to be fitted to the diameter and curvature of each of your eyes in order to reduce these risks and any contact wearer needed to be educated how to properly use, clean, and store contacts, again to reduce possible infection and harm.

Different brands and types of contacts may require a different size/curvature to properly fit each of your eyes, so you cannot just order the same ‘numbers’ of any contact out there.

Maybe things are different where you live, but the best recommendation is to have a eye care specialist fit you for a specific brand and type of contact and then stick with that exact type. Often the office will provide you with a first ‘test pair’ to make sure there is good fit and no allergic or other type of reaction to that specific contact.

If you are working on EM, there is much discussion about contacts possibly hindering progress or disrupting the eye’s normal function in a way that is not helpful to reducing diopters.
This might not be the best place for information on contacts just for fun as that is not the focus of this group.
Good luck and good health to your eyes.

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I’m a big advocate of correct fitting and correct usage. Fully agree with you on that part.

Unfortunately many optos have no idea about correct fitting either. They just convert the measurement taken for glasses to contacts and give you one pair of their preferred brand as “free test”, further fitting or test lenses mean additional payment. So most people just skip it and stay with the brand first offered, which is a clear mistake.
I had mine fitted by an ophthalmologist, and tried about 10 pairs (not completely free of charge, but for a reasonable discounted amount) before settling on my preferred one. I go back for regular checks, too.

The other thing is that many people consider it a sport to stretch the use to the max / keep the cost to the minimum. Like it is a competition, not their eyes(!!). Changing fluid in the cases only every 2-3 days, not rinsing contacts before placing them in the cases, and anyway wearing contacts well over 30 days if monthly, or 24 hours if daily. Contacts lose moisture retaining (the lenses become less flexible and less soft) and gradually allow less and less oxygen to the eyes over the recommended period. If worn longer, these will cause further irritations - dry eye, blood shots, unclear vision, itchiness, etc.
When I travel to polluted cities, I have to change my contacts earlier than 30 days (and for the same reason wash my hair more often, too). I used to have all kinds of infections in and around the eyes, but I’ve had no eye infections since I started using contacts in 2003 full time.

In short, incorrect fit and / or incorrect usage are the reasons why most people can’t use contacts after a couple of years.

I have well fitted contacts, but I order them online, so I can decide on the diopter I want to use for EM and also it is cheaper. Some countries don’t allow online shopping at all considering contacts are medical devices as you say, too. Other countries say the same, but then if you want to buy coloured contacts, you’ll find you can choose diopters with it without prescription, and sometimes it’s the same brand as your normal contacts. And there are countries that allow online shopping for contacts like the UK.

I’m not sure I can agree with this. I’m someone who completed the journey without glasses. There are pros and cons to contacts like with anything.
Some disadvantages: Not impossible, but not ideal for beach time or for swimming pools. But then, neither are the glasses… If you leave home with contacts and end up doing close up all day, most probably you won’t remove them, so you will be using full corrections at close up distance, too. Same goes for EM: you don’t have the possibility to easily switch back and forth between current and previous corrections.
Some advantages: you can do any activities without worrying about glasses falling off or getting broken. You have good peripheral vision, you don’t have to “relearn” that part as your SPH is reducing. Also your head won’t move automatically with your eyes. Your eyes will align in a more natural way, instead of having to keep them on the ocular centre of the lenses of the glasses.

I would say, everybody should decide for themselves, but then, most people vote themselves out of wearing contacts by incorrect fitting and using, and by the time of thinking about vision improvement they can only wear contacts for 2 hours at a time and only 3 times a week…

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I just got an email from Vision Direct stating that they are ending their no prescription service starting in January. Bad news.

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Interesting step backwards in the world of optometry… Did you receive the message from Vision Direct UK? Any explanation if this is their decision or a new regulation?
Most of the UK online stores have always delivered worldwide without prescription…

From the email:

Dear Scott,

Here at Vision Direct, we’ve always wanted to be honest, transparent and make buying your contact lenses as easy as can be. A big part of this has been removing unnecessary Rx checks and trusting you to know your prescription.

I wanted to reach out today as a series of restrictions we’re expecting at the start of 2021 mean our no-prescription service will be discontinued. This is completely out of our hands - and trust me, we did everything we could to avoid it happening.

What we can do is encourage you to take advantage of this amazing service while you can.

In fact, there has never been a better time to stock up on your contacts. We’re offering a £25 ($32) discount when you spend £150 ($196) or free shipping for orders of £100 ($130) and up - and have extended our returns period to 365 days, so you can order with total peace of mind.

I should point out that while this service is changing, all other aspects that make Vision Direct so unique and successful will remain the same. We’re always here to answer any questions you might have, get you the best deals and process orders with our trademark speed.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,
Michael Kraftman

FYI I used in 2020 and no such e-mail from them…

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good to know there’s another option.

Thanks for the other option…
I too received the email from visiondirect and am trying to figure out what to do in the next few weeks. I looked at the pricing and at visiondirect for my brand of contacts it’s only 19 pounds versus 30 pounds at contactlensesuk :memethinking: