Contact Lenses - weaning them of, and sloooowly approaching low myopia

Hi fellow Kittehs!

So, this is a contac lense topic :slight_smile:

I started at -5 /-5,25 with -0,75cyl and am wearing plus lenses as differentials. The great thing about it: All I need to do is reduce my contacts, and those plus lenses stay the same. I just have a pair sitting at work and one at home (and a cheap one with me all times) - very easy, so far.:slight_smile:

As my diiopters drop and drop, this is going to change! Let’s say I wear +1,5 as differentials. At one point, my +1,5 will not give me any blur challenge anymore. Say I reduce my normalized to -2,5, plus 1,5 will make a net -1, which is probably not enough challenge anymore.

:question:Question to all of you ahead of me: In consequence, while my normalized will go down, my plus lenses will go down as well, right?
So, lets assume I had great challenge at -2,75 with +1,5 lenses and notice that I miss close up challenge after reducing to -2,5 with +1,5 lenses, I will instead use -2,5 with +1,25, maybe even +1 lenses - is that correct?

Hod did you contact lense wearing, now low myopes do it?:question:

Also, even though I hate to wear glasses, I am considering to wean off those contacts. I don’t want to miss them in my free time, but at work, I’m wearing those plus lenses anyways, staring at that screen. Plus, even though they feel really ok and I have no dry eyes or any issues, I do notice now, due to endmyopia awareness, that sometimes, they do glue to my eyes a bit. So a little less time with contacts while staring at the screen will not hurt…

My plan: I’m gonna get differentials and normalized for work. I’ll put in my contacts in the morgning, cycle to work (because cycling with glasses SUUUUCKS!), change to glasses and maybe have a second pair of contacts at work, so they have enough time to clean. I’ll survive lunch break with glasses and switch back to contacts after work.
:question: How did/do you reduce your contac lense use?

Also, low myopia. Any contact wearing low myopes here? :question:
When do you wear those contacts?

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Hi Tii,

Caution, the plus lenses work opposite to the minus, so if you want to increase blur challenge, you need to increase the plus.

However: I’m surprised that you have no blur challenge with +1.5, in theory if your contacts are full correction (which I guess they are not), the blur horizon should be 66 cm, so if your contacts are not full correction and give you blur challenge outdoors (i.e. normalized), the blur horizon wearing the +1.5 should be even less, probably around 40-50 cm.

If your blur horizon with wearing +1.5 is more than 66 cm, your contacts are too strong.

Cheers, Michael

HI MIchael,

Thanks for your reply!

I never said 1,5 isn’t giving me a challenge, I’m fine right now, was just throwing in some numbers :wink:
Just wondering about the next steps, and can’t quite wrap my head around it.

Say I have -3 normalized contacts. Weareing +1,5 plus over them makes a -1,5 differentials. I have blur challenge close up and distance, all cool.
Next step, I reduce zu -2,75, +1,5 = -1,25 differentials.
next, -2,5, +1,5 = -1 differentials
…and so on…

You are right, all is cool until I reach -1,5 normalized.

If I stick with contacts during low myopia, can I actually keep using my +1,5 glasses?

For some reason, I thought I have to change them. But now I think: Nope, just keep using those +1,5 glasses. Is that rght?

confused Tii :crazy_face:

Hi there @Tii_Chen,

I’m most likely the case you are asking about. I started with -3.75 (both eyes, no astigmatism) wearing contact lenses. I used +1.5 glasses as differential. Worked out quite well. When I was looking at a screen I sometimes would switch to +1.0 glasses to stay ergonomically comfortable.

I reduced and reduced and reduced and the better my eyes got, the less I needed to grab that +1.0 and I could almost always work with the +1.5 for close-up comfortably.

I saw another post you made wondering about double vision/misaligned vision. I got that around -2.0, so be patient, it’ll come.

Okay, come -1.25, wearing +1.5 over them bringing my diff to +0.25. Was doable as well. However, no contact lenses below -1.25 for sale here. So the moment -1.25 was too clear, I got -1.0 glasses and I’m working on those right now. Diff is just my own eyes, no glasses anymore.

Around -1.25 Jake recommends alternating more between your own eyes and normalized and see what you can line up (since everything is misaligned, no blur left). That is working out good as well, lot’s of clear flashes and they are increasing in length.

So there you have it, I did great with +1.5 glasses over my contacts, up until -1.25 of course.

I hope this helps :smiley:


Thanks @Laurens,

this helps A LOT! :+1:

Interesting, internet says my contacts are available from -0,5 and +0,5. So if you wanted some, you could get some, maybe another brand?

I have similair experience: Using +1,25 on computer, but +2 is cool for phone use on the way. (Have those from that first try in supermarket - obviously, holding thath phone too close, but ever tried to hold it an arm’s lenght away in a stuffed train/city street? ;-)).

Thanks, so maybe double vision will come - I’ll have that in mind! :slight_smile:

Yees, maybe that was it! In earlier posts, Jake loves plus lenses for low myopia, later, he warns about using them longer than half of your close-up time.

I just reduced to -3, so I have time to figure this out. Still interested in others’ stories!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I started thinking about this when I reduced to -3,5, and close up was so very clear from the beginning, that got me totally confused.

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I could’ve gotten lower lenses, but the thing is, at around -1.25 you start needing your correction less and less. So just -1.0 glasses and not anything for the most time. Glad I could help you out here. It worked out quite well for me, I hope it’ll do the same for you.

Funny, -3.0, that was my first normalized :wink:


Thank you!
Yes, I think I’ll ditch my contacts then, too :slight_smile:

@Tii_Chen hi. I haven’t been on here much lately. I just saw this thread. I have also had a challenge figuring out what to do at low myopia since I have been using contacts. I think what @Laurens said is good advice. I have been considering going to glasses for this last diopter, but haven’t done it yet.

What I am doing currently is wearing -.75 contacts usually for part or maybe half of the day and the rest of the time going with no lenses. If I need to do close up work while I’m wearing my contacts I put on +1.00 lenses over the contacts, which causes me to see about the same as if I were wearing nothing at all. This is not ideal, but its how I have been doing things for a while. It would probably be much easier to just get some -.75 glasses and take them off when I don’t need them. I may do this soon. I just really don’t like glasses, but since they won’t be that necessary, its probably best.


Oh yeah, mee too!! :joy: I kind of dread that, having to run around in glasses…
But I hope -1.00 glasses won’t be as bad as -5 glasses when I move.
I’ll let you know in 2-2.5 more years… :wink:


Thank you! Clear description!

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@Tii_Chen just to let you know, I finally quit the contacts and am now wearing -0.75 glasses part time and going without the rest of the time. Much easier. I just made an update video and mentioned that in there. Here it is.


Hi @Sean

Congratulations!!! Thanks for letting me know- we’ll tlak in about 3 years! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Haha! Ok sounds good. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Laurens,
Thanks again for your reply on this! :slight_smile:
Which I am dwelling on…So, nooowww I’m a little :thinking:

I’m at -2,75 contacts normalized.
I’m wearing +1,25 glasses on top for screen work, which is still fine.
I used to wear +1,5 glasses over contacts for reading.
But now… now I can read wirhout glasses!!! :slight_smile: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
So these 1,5 don’t give me blur at reading distance anymore.

I’m concerned and wondering:
Is it gonna kill my progress? (I’d guess no, as I’m not wearing my full correction. But still overcorrected for that distance)
Should I get +2,00 glasses, or even +2,5 for reading over -2,75 contacts, so I’m near at naked eye correction?
Note: I only use these for the short, when I’m on the way somewhere and not at home, to have a quick look at my mobile, ok and maybe reading at the beach.

I feel like I should be taking my contacts out, but it’s not doable at the beach :slight_smile:

May I ask what you did in this situation? Just kept wearing your +1,5?

Of course, happy to hear about others’ experences as well!

Thanks a lot everbody :slight_smile:


No it’s not, just work at the end of your diopter bubble and you’ll be fine.

This is a possibility. I myself had cheap -2.5, -2, -1,5 and -1 glasses (the last ones are still in use right now, well, not right now, don’t need them for this screen, but you get the picture). When I was done with my lenses (using -1 in daytime) I would go back to the appropriate glasses and if I went to read something I just put them aside for that time. If you keep your lenses in you should get some stronger readers to compensate. +2 could be an idea if that gives you a feasible diopter bubble for reading, perhaps even +2.5, although those may soon become redundant. Pick what suits you, I fared well with those glasses, it’s also nice for your eyes to breathe.

I kept using +1.5 until I dropped to -1.25, right now I’m doing -1, +1 for up close and -1 glasses at home and for close up plano. Hope this gives you some perspective.


Thank you so much!
So I’ll go for that cheap pair of +2, check +2,5 in the supermarket :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand - does this mean: You’re at -1 normalized, wearing +1 for very close close up, plano for screen distances and -1 glasses at home - what does the last part mean? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience and really valuable help so far! :upside_down_face:

Looking around the house, watching television, that sort of stuff. It’s really useless if you are looking around your house and in the distance you have too big of a challenge. My advise: keep a proper set of normalized for indoor use too if you need it. I didn’t for a long time and it robbed me of some very valuable stimulus.

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Aaah :bulb:, thank you, so you’re saying to keep wearing my normalized when I’m at that stage, just like I do now around the house.

Thanks, will keep this in mind! :slight_smile:

Hello. I have been here for a month now reading material and getting myself familiarized with Endmyopia. I did 7 day emails and gathered as much as I could. I started active focus which did show me some difference in my eyesight.

I was very curious to use plus lens over my contacts but was scared if it would cause any other harm.

I would like to make sure that I am doing this right as you already have done it and succeeded in it. I would appreciate if you could support me and elucidate on some of concerns.
First question: when you started wearing plus glasses over contacts for computer use, how did it reduce your normalized contacts? Did you do anything else except just active focus on computer with plus glasses over contacts?
Second question: were you wearing plus glasses all the time except driving, and eyes automatically adapt to the negated normalized?

Any other information/experience that you had on this journey would be greatly appreciated.

You’re right, I never posted this.

So what I did - I did not stick to Jake’s plan :wink:
I reduced my full prescpription by 0,25 sph. I also dropped -0,75 cyl (not recommended). But I did it, and this were my first normalized. This means: I got a pair of reduced contact lenses.
I also bought +1,25 glasses as differentials (computer, books).
So I never wear plus glasses, except as differentials. Ijust wear my reduced contact lenses.
For driving, I wear a pair of - (minus!) 0,25 glasses on top of my contacts.

Just use the :mag: and search “contact lenses”. Here, and on the blog :wink:
Don’t be stupig, start with differentials first!