Contact lenses without a script

Does anyone know of a place to order contact lenses online without a script? Like Zenni - but for contact lenses

Ive been pretty happy with


Thanks Tundra
I’ll have a look.

pretty sure yo’ll find contacts easily.
I like the one day lenses (johnson & johnson trademark i use), because they are more confortable to wear than the regular ones.
so you can lower your prescription more quickly.
I’m using -3 and -2.5, so i achieve better vision than my glasses with (-3.00 /CYL-0.5 and -2.75 /CYL -0.5)
Th only detail with contact lenses is you will need pluss glasses to use as differentials, if you do too much close up work (a pair with +1.25 both eyes should work)

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Hi Miocardio
I’m not really wanting them to wear (I wore Accuvue for many years) I’m wanting a few pairs (0.5 diopter difference and 0.75 diopter difference to my glasses) to check against my schnellen chart. I bought two pairs of glasses from Zenni and, because I was new at it all, I picked the blue blokz lenses they recommended. I think they make things just a little darker
I want to compare the clarity between the glasses and the contact lenses. (And I’ll probably order 1.61 lenses with no blue blokz next time)
Thank you for your reply

I tried ordering from and they are telling me I need to submit a script or give them my doctor’s office to verify. Any other options out there?

Googling I found my own answer. says on the faq that they don’t require it. Downside is international shipping. Looks like about the same cost though.