Contacts for close up full-time

I decided that “no correction” rule discussed before, despite being easy on eyes/teeths/neck/spine (eyes need to maintain binocular vision -> teeth muscles tighten up so teeths can easily crash in long-term -> neck pain -> spine strain -> vertebral rotation -> worsening of spinal curvature -> worsening of organs function -> possible problems of physical (and even mental) development), can’t play a good role for me. Given the fact I almost don’t notice astigmatism without correction (as it’s only 20-25% from spherical), I decided to take an optimum between those all ways to get back to 20/20.

Perhaps the best contacts diopters are -7 (just for info, not for advice). They provide legible distance of about 75 cm from screen. Double vision ceases from about 50 ±5 cm, but I can’t easily read most of the text using this distance (accommodation preset). Especially when astigmatism appeared, I’ve learnt how to make accommodation only to SE, or to sharp vertical lines etc.

I am not so brave to beg a burden of toric contact lenses. As they have the next cons which I hope will be fixed in the (near or not necessarily) future. I’d choose them if those problems didn’t exist: decrease of vision with rotation of head, more dry eyes, unstable cylinder power, just blurring out too much. So I guess the fact I can easily (still need to be thoroughly verified, but I write this text with -7 spherical glasses on from about 45-50 cm to screen - that matches -5.5 to -6.5 contacts (ouch, I wrote 6 or 8?)). -5.5 because of some (under-math-ed calculation of EM used for diffs), more I guess -5.75.

Glasses for distance? I remember being 6 years old and having a similar vision, but in contacts 7 diopters lower than -7 :slight_smile:. So, this vision is pretty familiar to me, yet Jake warns about blur adaptation / plateau / form deprivation etc. Yes, my vision haven’t got worse wearing -7 contacts for distance, but I don’t remember it improving much (but I was in that only for 1.5 months).

I will choose from the next options if not none:

  • -1.5 - I repeat the case of -8 contact which killed 0.5 diopters to full 1 of improvement
  • -2 - pretty close to SE, perhaps -2.25 or -2.5 is SE at night time, it can also behave the same as with -8 in past
  • sph+cyl? - perhaps, but it’s the least preferred option (just because I bought too much glasses and I hardly want to use cylinder), can be used along with cyl only for close up, but contacts then need to be -6 or so

Then, +2 glasses when I need to write something on paper for long. Looks like a perfect fit for all cases.

I need to look decently yet see something? No glasses.
I need to see clearer at the distance? Minus.
I need to do work very close for longer than 10-15 minutes? Plus.

Then, deal with strabismus->…->spine loop.