Coronavision? eye warning

Optometrists blame increased screen time.
My top suspects would be wearing full distance vision corrections in front of the screen and spending too little time outdoors.
I’d also add smaller and/or cheaper screens (or just using laptop screen), decreased distance from screen (smaller desk, or just working from the dining table, or laptop & sofa…), worse lights around the working area (home feeling instead of the offices’ and schools’ lovely white lights). And maybe more heating resulting in drier air, too.
I think the initial enthusiasm about going for a walk every day has mostly passed by now.

The good news is that it is never too late to correct habits :slight_smile:


They seem a little more concerned about loss of business than anything else - but who can blame them? And of course if the symptoms are alarming a visit to an eye doctor should not be put on hold.


…and if the current glasses no longer feel OK, of course you’ll need a stronger pair, no?
Make the letters bigger, keep looking at them with your full corrections at close-up, and then let us know when we can deliver your new glasses…


Alas, that too.

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But even if the solution offered by the optometrists is totally wrong, coronavision is very real.

When I’m on video calls for work and we have all the participants on the screen at the same time, I noticed how close others sit to the monitor. I tried moving closer so headshots are the same size (as I seemed to be the odd one out) but I could only do it for a few seconds without eyestrain… And I’m 100% sure colleagues don’t use external cameras zoomed in, they use the laptops’ built-in ones and are really sitting that close to the monitors, and not just for that one meeting… :slightly_frowning_face:


I agree it is a serious issue, and sadly the “solution” is putting people further down myopia road, and putting new people on it too :frowning :frowning:


Sounds like a good time for investing in eye wear company stock, though :joy:
I just wish people would stay the hell away from LASIK


My daughter’s eyesight didn’t get worse during the lock-down here in China (Feb-Apr) due to out-door activities (front yard only, lol) through out the day. but worsened significantly after she wend back to school from Apr to Jul (-0.75D drop to -1.25D) until we found the EM method and start practice good habits including AF, outdoor, book/screen distance control, even plus lens for close-up, … from Aug, now she is -1D (0.25D improvement in 2 months) in both eyes according to the latest check-up last weekend.

all in all, no need to blame anything but bad habits :grinning:


My eyesight got a lot worse during our five week lockdown in NZ. All down to slipping into bad habits because of boredom…way too much screen time, eating a crap diet, and waaaaaay too much beer haha.