Corrections during Exercise

So I am wearing -2.75 differentials and I run track competitively so that means i am pretty active and i train outside for 1 to 2 hours 6 days a week. I am usually moving at a fast pace such as a sprint, and i am trying to decide what is the best option as far as wearing my glasses during my workout. When i am traing especially when it is bright and sunny i get the best and most active focus and often clear flash moments and this is without my glasses as I often take them off while training. I take them off especially when I am long jumping since i dont want to get sand on them. While doing this i often use my peripheral vision more to hit the board accurately. Would it be more productive to wear them while training? How about while sprinting? I often focus on the finish line and I saw from one of the materials that when moving faster a better correction is needed. Is it better to practice active focus with or without my glasses while exercising and playing sports? Any other track runners and other athletes trying to improve their vision? How do you make the most of your training/ game time?