Crazy experience at night

I need some answers! :grinning:

Last night I had a scary dream, almost a nightmare and in the middle of the dream I thought I heard someone in my room and I woke up instantly and turned my head really fast, then I noticed that I was seeing crystal clear and everything was super sharp and somewhat brighter (mind you it was 3-4am with no lights at all)
My eyes are about -2 with tiny bit of cylinder that is almost gone but I’ve never seen my room so clearly without glasses and especially at night when I’m practically blind without glasses.
It was truly a weird experience but after about 30 seconds my vision faded back into being blurry like normal and the room got darker and that was it.

Maybe someone here can explain this or had a similar experience?


An adrenaline spike caused by the nightmare, and the subsiding of the adrenaline as you realised it was only a dream. The adrenaline dilates the pupil. This improves vision in dark conditions. But of course there could also be a exceptional response by the visual cortex to provide better vision in extreme conditions.

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Change your user pic and you will stop seeing nightmares.