Creased eyebrows/eyelids - contribute to astigmatism?

Dear fellow endmyopians,

I would like to raise an interesting topic, which at least from my research is left unanswered - could eyebrows which are heavy and therefore tend to crease cause astigmatism due to constant pressure on the eyeball?

A friendly optometrist of mine has just noticed this recently and suggested that I research this. I have an appointment in the local clinic just out of curiosity. Yet you guys are a valid second opinion.

Here is an illustrative picture - - as you can see, especially the right one is quite heavy.

Has anybody encountered this? Or have any references to a worthy read?

Thanks and best of luck!

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I knew someone a couple of years ago with this issue, although I don’t know all the details. I looked at your link… They had similarly shaped lids/brows that made seeing difficult. This person was in their late 60s I believe, so imagine more sagging wrinkles. I’m sure it was a big problem for them. They eventually has a plastic surgeon correct and lift the lid area. It was amazing to me; I’m pretty sure they wore glasses before and I had never really seen their eyes, but after the surgery, they had open clear eyes, looked 20 years younger, and claimed to see better. I have not seen this person wearing glasses since. I don’t know if this was at all a pressure problem, but they definitely had an obstructed view.

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