Creating blur for AF during 20/20/20 breaks

Hello EM Friends,

I tried to search for the answer to my question before posting here, but I couldn’t find it. I thought I saw something on an EM’ers YT channel, but I can’t seem to find it again. So, here I am.

For my differentials, I wear plus glasses (+1D) over my -9.50D (R &L) contacts. When I take my 20/20/20 breaks during my work day, I look outside my home office window. The only thing with text that I see is my neighbor’s house numbers. But, there’s not enough blur challenge there, so I can’t really practice AF during these short breaks.

My question: Can I create the blur I need for AF by wearing weaker plus glasses (maybe +0.50) over my contacts? Since this is how it’s done for close-up vision, I’m assuming this approach can also be used for distance vision. Since I’m not 100% sure, I thought I’d ask.

I suppose I can leave my house every 20 minutes and stand far enough away from my neighbor’s house number to create a blur, but they may think I’m creepy and wonder why I’m staring at their house. :grinning: Besides, I’m more likely to stick to the 20/20/20 breaks if I can just look outside my window.


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It wouldn’t hurt to experiment with that. Unless you’re really close to your neighbor’s house though I am surprised you would need that much additional plus. A little while back I was thinking that you were slightly under-corrected with your -9.5 contacts.

Now I’m wondering if you were just suffering from cilliary spasm before and now that you’re getting more distance on your computer (with the +1 glasses) maybe the cilliary spam has abated and you’re actually over-corrected for distance with the -9.5’s. It could be you’ve reduced enough eystrain to stop cilliary spasm (which is great!)

I think I would be inclined to switch to -9 contacts rather than use a pair of +0.5’s over your -9.5 contacts for your distance breaks if there’s really no blur challenge right now with the -9.5 contacts.

Edit: In addition to house numbers you could look for details of whatever else is outside the window, like leaves on trees or blades of grass or rocks and sticks on the neighbor’s lawn, squirrels and birds, individual tiles on the roof, whatever there is to look at. Beyond just reading the house number you want to be looking for as much detail as you can see.

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If you find that the -9.5 contacts don’t provide blur challenge, you can wear weak plus lenses over them so that you can AF. Some people do this if they want to use their current contact lenses for longer. Otherwise you can just go down to the next reduction with your contact lenses.


I live in a townhouse community, so our building units are pretty close to each other. I’d guess that my neighbor’s numbers are about 40 ft away from where I sit in my office window. Since it’s so close, I’m not getting much of a blur challenge. I’ll try looking for other things to AF on, as you suggested.

I also think I might be ready to downgrade to - 9 contacts, but I only started my EM habits (including wearing plus glasses over my full corrections for differentials) on Apr 19. This is less than the recommended 4-6 weeks before one should reduce to norms. Having said that, lately it seems I can now consistently see 20/25 and sometimes 20/20 with my - 9.5’s. So it might be time! I’m excited.

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Thanks! This is consistent with what was recommended by @nycmao. I think I’m ready to reduce to - 9’s soon!


I’d say anything between a full opto correction and uncorrected vision is mainly down to personally finding the right combination of correction vs distance, so your eyes can autofocus and clear a tiny blur.
With the last diopter you’ll be looking for a correction for the distance of 20 to 50 metres to autofocus. With higher diopter for the 20/20/20 breaks you can shorten it to what’s easily doable.