Curious question on differential

After going through blogs and videos I am seeing that folks have found their first pair of comfortable differential between 1-2 d less than either their current prescription or from the cm measurements log

But what if the difference is more than that, when calculations are applied particularly in case of high myope like -5.0d (20cm) where ergonomic distance cannot be 50-60 cms but just between 40 cm( 2.5d specially for kids)

Is it advisable to reduce 2.5 d aggressively if the person is comfortable?can it have any other side impacts for such aggressive reductions in future journey of EM?

If the kids are working at 40cm or closer on books or smartphones or laptops or schoolwork then a -2.5 diopter drop for differentials seems reasonable to me. Perhaps -2D drop to give them a little more room to see things on the desk. Usually for adults the ergonomic working distance to the screen or desk is a little bigger than that so -1.5 or -1D drop to get to a working distance of 70 cm or 1 m.

The whole idea is to stop excessive accommodation during near work so if they’re comfortable with a larger drop for near work I personally think a larger drop is a good thing. You want them to get in the habit of keeping face further away from the book or screen or writing paper as opposed to having the face down on the desk.

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Please don’t reduce so aggressively, it will cause a really bad impact. A 0.5-1 D should work out. I did that mistake, and now I am doing things all again so please don’t.
The reason is that it will cause a lot of strain in your eyes. Secondly, though your eyes will try to adapt to the differentials, but you, unknowingly will tend to move closer and closer to whatever you are looking at.

It is quite different with pre-teen kids. Their eyes change a lot more within a much shorter time.
A well selected pair of differentials are comfortable for close up and often kids forget to change them and happy to wear them around the house, too. Only noticing that a stronger pair is needed when watching TV maybe. This was reported by other parents.
So I’d say - while feedback on comfort is important and there should be no pain, strain, headaches - it is possible to reduce more with kids as they still tend to have memories of accommodation that they can fall back on to speed up myopia reversal.
This is true both for sph and cyl. With opto confirmed results.