Cutaway view: Pathologically myopic eye vs emmetropic eye

Ouch! Not sure what else is going on with the myopic eye but you can see it’s taken a beating.


Sure that isnt an egg lol

It makes me wonder if we could insert some kind of shaping device around the eyeball which snaps it back to eye shape. :joy:. Did I made anyone’s eyes water thinking about it?


Someone posted a procedure that can do just that. Can’t remember who but it sounded terrifying.


Seems fake/exaggerated. Was it not - 3D per mm? That looks more than 5mm elongated

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I’m going to look it up in the textbook, I doubt it’s “fake” but you’re probably right that it’s more than -15D of myopia. Medical textbooks tend to skimp on illustrations of “average” conditions and show the extreme cases.

Here’s the context from the textbok.