Cylinder (Astigmatism) increased while Spherical improved


From August 2020:

  • R: ↓75 SPH (-5.75 → -5)
  • L: ↓75 SPH (-4 → -3.25)

Cheers Jake and all the Endmyopians who contributed for helping me make this possible !:facepunch:


  • R: ↑50 CYL (-1.25 → -1.75)
  • L: ↑ 25 CYL (-3 → -3.25)

So I know from some blog posts that a “pseudo-increase” in cylinder might occur when our spherical correction improves and that we should ignore this ‘increase’ and continue to work on only one focal plane change for every reduction.

Also, I’ve been on my second (current) pair of normalised for 5 months now, and am (eagerly) preparing to transition to my third pair as soon as I straighten this cylinder issue out. It has been a long wait and my best guess for this prolonged period of time it took my eyes to “axially-shorten” is the fact that I am having to cope with that ghosting that I see, especially when doing pulling focus in distance vision. From the blog posts, videos and my personal experience, I understand that ghosting is tough to eradicate even when I am doing Active Focus –⁠ which only removes the myopic blur and not the directional blur.

So, what I’ve done to ascertain if I do have need a stronger astigmatism correction was to:

  1. DIY: Using my test lens kit! :money_mouth_face: (in different lighting conditions and different times of the day)
  2. Trip down to le good ol’ optic shop! :nerd_face: (3 different opticians on 3 different occasions (last Dec, Jan and Feb)

And… yeah, I do need that higher cylinder that I mentioned above to completely remove ghosting and directional blur in my distance vision.

I followed the general principle of leaving the cylinder correction untouched for all my normalised. But now I’m starting to wonder if I should increase my cylinder while leaving the spherical the same in my next (3rd) normalised reduction to mitigate the strain my eyes and visual cortex have to undergo when it tries to smoothen out the ghosting and directional blur.

OR, should I continue to wait it out and work on 0.25 reductions in my SPH only, and only start decreasing CYL in my 4th successful reduction?

Thoughts fellow Endmyopians? :slight_smile:


I am one of the forum members who has had the same challenge. I call it the rubber band problem. I have no suggestions for you, as I am doing EM commando and am leaving my visual cortex to sort it out by itself.

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Same as @Ursa here…for whatever reason cyl improvements seem to be dragged along by sph improvements.

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The SPH gives you the difference between the 2 eyes, the CYL gives you the difference within the eye. When you drop from SPH, one eye is usually quicker to adjust to the new correction than the other one. In my view it happens within the eye, too, that one part adjusts to the new correction earlier than the other parts. Some don’t even notice it, some struggle with some directional ghosts, others - like you - are more sensitive to it in general. Obviously it also depends on the CYL value and depending on how you use your eyes on the axis, too.
I’d continue to wait and not increase the CYL, or you may find that a part of your eye is back to 20/20 and the rest is still closer to the original corrections just in CYL??

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