Cylinder correction between normalized and differentials

With astigmatism, is it okay to have different cylinder corrections between my normalized and differential glasses? Or does having a difference really not matter. My normalized glasses have about double the cylinder correction of my differentials.

And yes, I did look around for an answer to this but I found nothing specific to this question, so I would appreciate any help I can get.

Welcome to the forum.
The eyes can clear cyl blur easier in close up, too. The best example is when you hit the last diopters and you have no corrections for close up but your normalised glasses for distance may have cyl still.
So you can have lower cyl for diffs if that works for you as long as the axes stay the same. Most people - at least at the beginning - keep the cyls the same in both glasses or if it’s low (below -1D) just drop it. It very much depends on how long you had the cyl and how much you rely on it in your overall vision (and how much the opto just guessed your cyl and how much it got overcorrected).
If you have too much double vision, or the image is really smudged in a certain direction you may have to tweak it. But by the sound of it you already have the different glasses and they feel OK. So I see no problems sticking with it then :+1: