Daily Routines Video

I posted this in the facebook group a month or so ago. I don’t think I ever posted here. Basically, I’m getting 20/50, no glasses, sometimes 20/40. I’m just waiting for the 20/40 to settle in to consist ease so that I can aim to dump the glasses for good.

I talk about my daily routines. I work indoors as a Certified Financial Planner. Some days I have a fair amount of close work, but I structure my day to keep it under the thresholds that cause me problems.


Matt, yes! I’m getting clear flashes in separate eyes, back and forth and back and forth. Not every other day, though. Many times for 30 seconds or a minute each time I go for a long walk. It might be for a different cause as you though.

Trying to get a long walk in every day.

I went down to -1 about 3 weeks ago. Hoping I can hold it over the winter. It’s ok if I can’t.

I’ve been pretty obsessed this summer. Trying to limit closeup as much as possible. So I haven’t been on Le Meow much. Don’t know if it will help. But it was a long bad winter and I just won’t go back inside until I absolutely have to! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@MattE…good basic practical tips. You could teach this stuff if Jake decides to go that direction :grin: you’re actually doing it already.

@Slsatrom…-1 is fantastic! I didn’t realize you started over -4 …keep it up :wink:


Thanks, Mare. I haven’t been nearly diligent enough so I’ve been working at it for awhile. But hey, why not? No matter how long I take, -1 is way better than a lifetime of -4. And I’m still pushing onward to 20/20.


Thanks, Shelly!

Good progress on your end, too. Definitely milk the long daylight as much as you can. Winter is tougher, but does let you test out how you’re doing. If you see well with a given set of glasses in low light, you know you’ll be ready for more challenge come springtime.


Thanks, @Mare!

I enjoy making the videos.

After working on this stuff for so long, it’s really not too complicated. In retrospect, one of the biggest barriers was the cultural belief that vision only gets worse.

If and when we ever want to get endmyopia to a larger audience, there will have to be more than just Jake.


You’ll get there! The last diopter takes patience, but as long as you have the habits in place and you remember that your eyes respond to stimulus, you can do it!


Thanks Matt. Great advice!

I’m really pushing the focus and getting better clarity, too. I’m cautiously optimistic that I can maintain this fall. But time will tell.

Lots of zero diopter resets. Every morning. Funny how little improvement I get when I put on my glasses. Meaning, I’m not doing too shabby without them. Still lots of focus challenge though.


Still able to active focus a little on my vision sigh even though it’s dusk here.

(Yay! I posted a picture!) Don’t laugh. I’m old so this is exciting for me. :smirk: