Day OK, Night Still Not There Yet

We had a beautiful sunny day in NYC today, and I was able to do the 20/10 line before I went out in the morning. I had nice crystal-clear vision during the day time. Couldn’t see any benefit from my -0.25 glasses vs my plano sunglasses, which made me happy.

Now I just spent a couple of hours walking around outside in the dark with a few pairs of glasses, and I just can’t clear up everything to get it absolutely perfect without correction. :frowning: :face_with_monocle:

There’s a lot of dimly lit text that I can read perfectly with zero focus challenge with correction of -0.25 but just won’t blink and clear no matter how much zen kavannah and active focus I throw at it. I wasn’t getting any obvious astigmatism problems like double images or halos (I can clear those pretty easily now and I don’t detect any astigmatism with the various test images.)

I’m starting to wonder if I need to be slightly hyperopic during the day (+0.50 or +0.75 ??) in order to get perfect night vision, or if there’s some trick to doing active focus at night that I just don’t get. I can do fine with lighted signs and street signs, but I just don’t get that crystal clear image with naked eyes. Or at least I couldn’t get it tonight.

Yep that sounds about right.
At least for me and a few others.

I started a thread a while ago asking people what their usually difference between indoor/outdoor dark/light is. The average answer was 0.5

I’ve got a pair of night-time glasses, especially for driving that fluctuate between +0.5-0.75 more than my regular normalised. I know alot of people do this. Essentially two normalised.

I know when starting Endmyopia all the info I read was saying just to wait, use one normalised and dont flip around. But I quickly found that I was hyperopic on sunny days. I didn’t want to loose this prime time for active focus.

So at the moment I prioritise my sunny/outdoor normalised (-7.0). These give me blur challenge outdoors and Im not hyperopic. I then flip to my nighttime/low light glasses (-7.5) only when neccessary.


In short yes: you cannot argue and reason with optics :slight_smile:
On the other hand blur perception also has some role. If an “always emmetrope” person see a bit of blur after long close-up work hours, they won’t say “now I have blurry vision”, they will say something like “my eyes are tired”. Same for night, if you always had uncorrected vision it will be simply “normal” to have worse vision at night. If you are used to always clear, it will be weird at first. Also I think the increased awareness of what happens with our eyes and vision do a bit disservice here (you know what full clarity is, you know what blur is and you are much more aware all of this than someone who never had to deal with myopia).

But yeah, for 20/20 or better vision at night, you need a bit of hyperopia.