Dealing With Dry Eyes: Clogged Oil Glands?

Of course not-myopia things, not my subject.

The dry eyes topic though comes up a lot (along with floaters). Every so often I get messages about this “heat treatment” working for some people:

Not saying this is “the fix”. As with most things, exploring causality, understanding the how’s and why’s and what’s are likely a good idea before running off and trying out random Internet-unicorn treatments.

Above just since it comes up regularly, and the gel pack thing at the very least doesn’t appear to have any noteworthy unwanted side effects.


I’m finding the warm washcloth helps but I’m looking for something even more effective. Perhaps this is a step in between wash cloth and professional help from the medical community.

Thank you for posting!


I’ve used this one:

Face washing and warm moist compress seem to be the conventional optometry first treatment for oil gland dysfunction.

So many dry eye playlists, don’t know what to recomend, but 90% of it boils down to methods of washing and doing warm wet compress:

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I myself bought one of those heated eye masks (the cheap ones from ali express but they can be found everywhere) that you can plug into a USB port and schedule the heat for up to 20 minutes. I’ve been using it everyday because it also serves the purpose of relaxing me for a nap or night sleep and I definitely feel better. Now I don’t even use it for dry eyes, just because I enjoy the feeling and it’s convenient.


Been using these gel packs for more than a year. I keep one in the fridge for a cool compress in the summer too… I mostly enjoy the soothing, relaxing aspect. I can’t say if it does anything for dry eye, because I have only had it intermittently anyways (except the short while I used contacts). But it does help with strain and general relaxing for sure. Wash clothes definitely don’t hold temp long enough to be effective in my experience though


I’ve used a warm wash cloth for a little while at night. While relaxing, I am not sure how helpful it was for my dry eye.

Its useful knowing what increases dry eye for me personally. Prolonged screen time exacerbates my dry eye (my left one more than my right). Cellphones are the worst. When I made the conscious decision to use the computer more than I use the cellphone, I saw significant improvement.

And I have been putting a drop of castor oil in each eye before heading to sleep each night. I feel it really helps my eyes feel lubricated, and I havent been getting headaches because of dry eye since doing this consistently. I think this, and the screen time watching really helped me.

Some thoughts on the castor oil

  • I use a dropper bottle.
  • Only use it at night, before bed, because that oil is going to coat your eye and make your world look temporarily blurry. In the morning, wash your face with warm water.
  • I wear only glasses. I cant advise this for contact wearers, its probably not sanitary, the oil could get on your contacts which is not a good idea.
  • The good thing about this is I dont feel that my body is producing less tear film because I’m using the oil (I know that people who use eye drops say that their eyes feel dependent on it).
  • I have heard that certain Ayurvedic/holistic practices uses oils to have ‘oil baths’ for eyes, I have not researched this extensively, but what I’m currently doing works, and is very simple to do, which I really like.