Define close up/distance

Dishes, laundry, computer work, cooking, reading, vacuuming, schoolwork, etc. Are these all considered close up?

I’m struggling with the concept of getting distance vision in my day because my day is full of the above work as a mom. Only when I’m driving do I look far away and that’s not daily. When I read is the only time I think my contacts are too strong. Even computer work seems like distance work to me as my monitor is 3 feet or so and the smallest differential is too blurry for the work I do.

So how close is considered close up? How far is distance?


A lot of house work is mid-range. For me, this is how it shakes out with low myopia & presbyopia.

Close (blurred with normalized):
computer (70 cm)
cooking with recipe
paper work

Distance (clear enough with normalized):
cooking without recipe

The suggestion generally is to wear normalized around the house, though some people wear differentials instead. The point is that you don’t want to go around in blur and you don’t want to have ciliary spasm.

If you don’t find some reason to see at a distance, this can be a difficult journey.


Good question!

Ok. So I define close up and distance vision in relation to differential and normalised glasses.

Closeup = when I’m using differentials. i.e. any activity 60-70cm away from my face. This means that close up is defined to computer work, reading books, looking at phone and other activities using my hands close to my face.

Distance = any activity beyond 60-70 cm. So this would include all the house work you mentioned above plus more.

In this definition its actually quite easy to find yourself using your distance vision throughout the day

Second what @shaerah said. Try and wear normalised around the house.

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To me, close-up is any distance where active focus isn’t needed for a sharp view.

The point of the game is to minimize using your accommodation to see stuff closer than your relaxed eyes sees, while providing lots of opportunity to use active focus.

What do I mean by relaxed eyes? Well, when your eye is totally relaxed (no ciliary muscle use), you see as far as your natural eye sees. For myopics, that is usually close, mine for example have a relaxed eye distance of 32cm or so. Any closer and it’s blurry unless I accommodate. Any further and it’s blurry unless I active focus. Our goal with EM is to push that distance out to nearly infinite naked eye.

So you want your relaxed eye distance to be just short of whatever you’re looking at for the dual goal of active focus opportunity and not using your accommodation.

Glasses shift this focus point via refraction. Negative lenses push the effective relaxed point away from you. Plus glasses pull that point towards you. In my case, -2.5 diopter glasses put my relaxed eye point at 2 meters, and I can active focus out to nearly infinite.

So I define “close up” as any distance where you have to accommodate to see sharp. For me, naked eye, 33cm (1 foot) is not closeup because my eye is fully relaxed. 25cm is closeup (requires 1 diopter of accommodation). If I put on my -1 diopter PC glasses, I see sharp relaxed out to 50cm. With those, the 33cm is now “close up” as it requires a diopter of accommodation. My current normals of -2.5 diopters have close up being anything under 2 meters (6 feet).

Does that make sense?

Close up, at least the meaning relevant to EM, is just any distance requiring accommodation, based on your eyes and whatever glasses you are wearing at the time.

IMO, close-up is monitor screens, phones and books, and everything else is distance. You’ll lose your mind switching to differentials for stuff like washing dishes and laundry for no benefit otherwise


plug plug covered this one here: Normalized - YouTube

My compromise is to keep with whatever I have unless I need to change. If I was wearing norms, I keep them on unless I can’t tell if the dishes are clean, for example. If I’m uncorrected I continue so unless I can’t see if the carpet is getting clean, for example.

I do enjoy going about the house with normalized clarity, but I keep having to remove them so I can see in the mid range.

EDIT: If I were 35 I would keep norms on around the house all the time.


That explained a lot! Thanks!

I can’t wear my Rx glasses around the house without losing my mind. Everything is just blurry enough to be annoying. I don’t know their specific Rx, but they are for when I can’t use contacts which are L -8.50 and R -9.00. So these are in a sense normalized glasses except not on purpose. I cannot function at all without correction, like even get out of bed.

For a week, I have been putting on my glasses for working at night on my desktop which I am enduring in an effort to help my eyesight. I can’t use the differentials as I get a headache, probably need to change the plus power. I do use the differentials for reading and being on my phone. I haven’t figured out active focus yet, but am I heading in a good direction with these tiny changes? I’m getting headaches as it is. I’m definitely not one who feels my Rx is too strong. In fact, I’m always “hoping” I’ll need stronger just to see clearer than I do. But nothing has changed in ages, so I just stay with it.

That was a very helpful video!

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What are you using for diffs? they really shouldn’t cause headaches.

I am very glad to hear it :grin:

I bought reading glasses of +1.00 power from Walmart. Every time I wear them at the computer I get a headache in the same exact place on my head. I pulled the monitor closer but didn’t help. No headache when I read with them or use my phone.

Have you tried using just glasses without contacts for differentials? I can’t imagine what is causing the headaches only at the mid distance. +1 over contacts does seem a little strong still for reading distance though… have you tried moving the monitor further back? With a +1 add your distance should be 90cm or so. Though that still doesn’t add up for the reading distance being comfortable. Yeah I am stumped

Yes. For right now, I take off my contacts when I work and just use my Rx glasses. They are not as strong as my contact Rx, and I see the computer just fine with them. Seeing regular life, not so much.

As far as the differentials, I can use them for reading wearing them over my contacts.

My natural eye vision (no correction at all) sees 13 cm reading a 12-font paper.

At the beginning of your journey, anything that is at max 70 to 90 cms is close up and distance is everything else. As people progress with the drops, they often find that they feel comfortable wearing differentials for most indoor activities when there are no texts to read (it is especially true for those who have the monitor closer to a meter distance) and distance vision changes to TV and all outdoor activities.

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