Denise Skidmore, From -17D

yeah but at -16D getting myopic defocus for near work is not a problem… it’s not a problem until around -2 D or less… you just need to get some slightly reduced glasses for close-up and try to find active focus…

otherwise, I understand your problem since I have also had trouble “changing” my lifestyle “just for EM”. But you can make some useful changes like I have: the use of the reduced lenses, building in extra breaks (10/10/10 or 20/20/20 rule), (even 1 minute one, where you stare into the distance, practicing active focus), an extra 15-minute walk or two during which you look into the distance, short enough so you don’t get bored, active focus itself can be motivating once you get the hang of it. Try to increase use of natural light e.g. open blinds, move next to a window for near work. Work at the times of day with more light. Focus on peripheral vision every now and then to relax the eyes (which helps with active focus)

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Interesting idea. Although if I go with daily contacts that have a new box every 30 or 90 days, it is much easier to adjust the contacts prescription than the glasses prescription. Daily contacts are more expensive than longer wear ones, and involve a lot of waste plastic, but they are the lowest health risk option and are the most comfortable to wear (especially for a beginner) I just have to see if I can tolerate all day wear, because if I have to have constantly changing glasses as well as the contacts, it looks a lot less economical to go with the contacts.

I’m mostly hoping that contacts will give me an immediate improvement in lens distortion effects, between being placed on my eye and moving with my eye, and being slightly lower power for being closer to the face, it might be a quality of life improvement.

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My focal length is close enough to my face that I can’t look at anything with both eyes without glasses. I can see individual pixels and the lines between the pixels when holding a screen close enough. For books I have to physically move the book back and forth to scan lines. Sure it’s easy to defocus, not easy to do anything while defocused.

For you it could be quite a lot lower

e.g. see here to calculate (my last step)

e.g. if your glasses are 1.5cm from your eyeballs then the contact lens equivalent of -16 D spherical is about -13 D

did I understand correctly that you’ve never used contacts? if so, they are a different world for sure - peripheral vision is back and less distortion and more freedom to move and don’t get raindrops on them in the rain and and all these benefits. The only downsides are: more hassle to put in/clean etc. and your eyes breath less so they get tired quicker - and overuse can lead to neovascularisation

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no one said without glasses (I do do this for smartphone reading with around -6 D and I already feel the convergence strain after a while but it’s gotten better, earlier I could only read without glasses with one eye :slight_smile: )

get some glasses that put your blur limit around 60cm

Wow -16! I sincerly hope you are able to find a supportive opto, but even if not documenting that journey is definitely something everyone in EM would be interested in seeing. It sounds like you have a plan in mind too, I will be interested to see how fast that first bit falls off for you. You have a long road ahead, but I can’t imagine a more rewarding journey. Best wishes

They fitted me with hard contacts in middle school to try to stop my eye curvature from changing so rapidly. That was a disaster (constant movement of the lens, discomfort, resulted in scratched cornea), never tried soft. I’ve had a few docs ask me if I wanted contacts, none ever tried to convince me that I did want contacts.

That alone could be huge for me. I have very mixed emotions about trying contacts, but that’s a promising result to try to aim for. And if they’re reading distance lenses rather than driving distance lenses, that might even be down into the -12 D range some manufacturers limit themselves to, I’d have more choices in brands (although still custom order). Although I need to get below -10D for most retail websites.

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I’ve never tried hard contact lenses but soft are normally comfortable,
Can you tell me what distance the back of your - 16 lenses are from your eyeballs? Then we know the contact lens equivalent for sure.

But if full power is - 13 if the vertex distance now is 15mm,then the close up contacts would be for sure weaker than - 12

Debating working with the folks I worked with before and trust that are a drive, or finding someone closer to my current commute. The further drive is closer to my husband’s work, so he can take me out for dinner or grocery shopping while I’m adjusting to new lenses or recovering from dilation drops. The doc nearby is top notch and has the best equipment, but I don’t know an optometrist near here. (I used to live here, and would travel an hour to the guy I trusted. When that commute became 1.5 hours I found someone new. The guy I trusted is probably retired by now.)

Yeah that is a dilemma. And supportive optometrists are few and far between, which is why most of us are just doing our thing and leaving them out of the equation. But there is still that desire to have progress like officially documented, at least for me anyways. Going to try getting my optometrist confirmation in the next few weeks, but since this one has my records I realize I may have to go somewhere new and pay out of pocket for an objective exam, like many in EM do. I’m going to give the one the insurance covers the benefit of the doubt this once though, this one did write me a near work script (upon request) last I saw him, so who knows maybe…

Yeah as @Reannon said if you can ask the optometrist to help you with a close up distance that would be great and if nothing else you should be able to request a contact fitting with a sample pair to try out. I do not recall who was wearing the contact glasses combo. But since you are doing so much close up it makes sense to have a dioptor for that range. And as I hear in here the high dioptor glasses are more expensive than contacts.
I used monthly wear contacts for the major part of my adult life. Until finding endmyopia I was wearing them beyond a month because I hated to get a new expensive prescription. But there is a website you can order contacts from like zenni is to glasses. You do need help from the optometrist to know the base curve. But I think 8.6 seems fairly standard, I dont know if that is your case but a first fitting for all that info would work for any other orders. I hate cleaning glasses and looking for glasses and wearing glasses, I kinda miss my contacts Ha ha But for me it doesn’t make sense because I dont need differentials and unless I get stuck I am already set with glasses to the .25 dioptor.

Wouldn’t a different provider be subject to variance in methodology and equipment? I’d stick with the same guy. Not exactly a double-blind study, but should be fairly reliable. Does he start with the auto-refractor so he’ll have different numbers in front of him before he starts?

If I keep wearing the same lenses, the maintenance of contacts is more quickly, but if I’m changing my lenses more than once a year, the highest end contacts look cheaper.
This is a place suggested to buy contacts without a prescription. I personally have not used it so I cant say anything about the company.

They only have power to -9 on the website. I’m going to have to order directly from manufacturers or go with custom orders through an optician. The big retailers don’t stock my lenses. My glasses are all custom ground, and my last pair the optician even sent back to the lab for them to try again…

That is probably why people with high dioptors talk about the cost? Well hopefully your opto can help start at a good close up dioptor so you can head to the direction of less cost in the future choices

I just did the cm measurements your at 6cm without your glasses.

Yeah, you can get $20 glasses of a decent optical clarity, if I got that glass I’d have crazy coke bottles. I need high index plastic, and anti-glare coatings to compensate, in addition to the custom work instead of wholesale…

Yep. I put my hand-width between my forehead and the Snellen chart…