Denise Skidmore, Part II, minus over minus plan begins

Have never thought of it as AF. I have issues with understanding the concept of AF anyway.
I had completely disregarded the AF part of the official back to 20/20 course, got back to no corrections and then joined the forum. And that was the first time when I met this “obsession” over AF how / when /is it AF / how much, etc. I’m still puzzled over this part to be honest.

The brock string is more a thing of convergence / divergence for me, how the eyes are a bit further apart when looking at the distance than they are when looking at something close up. (The ~2mm difference in PD in bifocal glasses.) And sometimes I get / got this PD change incorrect resulting in DV or ghosting. (Note: I don’t wear glasses to guide me to the “right PD”, I have always been uncorrected or with contacts)
That was something I had to relearn that the eyes widen or narrow just to the point I need them to, not more not less.
The convergence divergence exercises in vision training are all about merging images or splitting them. This is what happens with the brock string for me. Beads become one and string becomes an X, or strings become one and beads have ghosts. With the brock string I can’t keep the strings’ last bit and the meeting point and the beads all clear and sharp at the same time.
I thought that was normal but can live with it if it is not :sweat_smile:

I don’t really get the AF thing, thought this might be a different entry point.

Not sure if this is a comment on AF in general or what I was trying to describe above related to the brock string.

If in general:
All through my EM journey the only thing I did was keeping the screen the furthest away from my face while the text was still clear. I never sat in blur hoping that my eyes would figure things out - that would have been a blocker for my work. All I did every day was to sit in front of the screen and be as far away from it as possible staying on the inside edge of clarity. Every now and then I tried if I could increase it by 1 or 2 cms without losing clarity. If I managed then I stayed there, if not then I stayed at the previous distance, if I got tired and I couldn’t keep clarity at the previous position either then I moved slightly closer just to be again at the new inside edge of clarity. This is all I did at close up. Not as an exercise but as a habit.
Plus I spent as much time outdoors as possible making sure I raised my eyes well over the usual indoor distances.
((( I had never thought I needed to do more than that. But when joined the forum, I suddenly realised people are doing all kinds of exercise-like of things under the name of AF… Believing AF is really needed for the improvement. )))

If for the brock string:
It’s not AF. It is just my eyes working like a camera lens or a blur effect in editing: where I look is clear and everything else is blurry. When I use the brock string I use it to find out how my eyes work together at the 3 different distances. To understand if they coordinate well together or one is on holiday leaving the other one with all the work to do…

Not sure if it makes sense. But it was enough for me to improve so I tend to believe it would be enough for others, too.

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