Developed crazy irregular astigmatism. Help

So, it’s been 5 months since I found Endmyopia. I started out at (sph -1.75 and cyl 0.5) on both eyes,
and although my eyesight can get as sharp as 20/13 during a sunny day with AF, I seem to have developed some really nasty vertical astigmatism.

When looking down at night I see giant vertical streaks of light. Sometimes it’s very faint, but when my eyes are tired, it gets really really bad. Also, bright lights have a lot of aberrations around them.

will this go away with time or did my eye just perform LASIK on itself? lol

Also, maybe a newbie question but, is it normal for the blur horizon not to match your diopter?
it was around 40 cm in the beginning, now it’s 60 cm or so; yet my OD gave me -1.75 last visit in October, even though I had around 20/40 at night and almost 20/25 at day.
I started out at around 20/100 at night and 20/50 at day, btw.

According to the endmyopia focal calculator, 60 cm IS -1.75, so I don’t know where you see a mismatch.

I have some weird astigmatism aswell (not caused by endmyopia or anything, it was always there), my edge of blur is at 41-43 cm but I can easly see 20/20 with -2D, on a good day even with -1.75D (no af at all).

I think ast makes things become a bit blurry sooner, but then the drop off isn’t quite as sharp as it is for myopia.

Can’t really comment on your increased astygmatism, maybe try and take a little extra time? Or maybe you’re too much undercorrected?

Sorry for the little mistakes here and there, english is my L2.

Yeah, but I remember, back in June I could barely see 20/25 at night with that prescription. Now it’s around 20/13, and 20/10 at day. The blur horizon still starts at 60cm but on a sunny day it’s virtually the same up to around 2 meters.
Still confused why I got -1.75 again if even a -1.00 gives me more than enough really.

Optometrists like to overcorrect and are not open to the idea that myopia can be reversed. So it is best not to rely on them. If you think -1 gives you the right blur challenge, you can try it. If you find this was over-optimistic, you can always go up to -1.25 or even -1.50, and the -1 glasses will be used further down the line. With the cheap glasses one can buy online, one can afford to experiment a little.


Giant vertical streaks of light does not sound like astigmatism…

astigmatism will either give you directional blur on ALL objects at all times, not just at night, or double vision.

I don’t know what you did, I can somehow imagine that active focus changed your lens a bit due to different ciliary muscle action, but this is just guesswork

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yeah as Hannie says, I noticed that opticians will over-correct when considering daytime viewing. But they want you to have sharp eyesight even at night and even on top of that they might add an extra 0.25 D if you say it makes your viewing better. At some point the view will only get smaller with added diopters but if, during the eye test you go from seeing 20/20 to 20/15 with an added 0.25 they will probably add it to your prescription.

whether it’s functionally needed for your life, is not something they consider IMO


Welcome Redfire!

You keep us guessing here a little of what you have been doing, so tbh, it’s hard to comment at all.
Did your opto give you -1,75 with -0,5cyl at the beginning, and now he dropped the 0,5 cyl? That’s progress already! If you just dropped the cyl, it would make a lot of sense that now you notice your astigmatism, which you didnt before because it was corrected.
But your post doesn’t tell me.

There is an astigmatism measuring tool at the blog, did you find and use it? (use the :mag: )

While it is true that astigmatism is there all day long, it is also true that you notice it much more at night.

And what Hannie said… :wink:

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Thanks for the replies.
No, I still have the 0.5 cyl, and for the 5 months I’ve been doing this I haven’t worn any glasses since.
Don’t see a point in a normalized prescription of -1.25 or -1.00, it would give 20/15 or so.
I have no idea if what I’m practicing is actually active focus, but anyway it seems to work.
I just look at something blurry for a while, then gently close my eyes and I when open them back it’s really really sharp.
For a time I didn’t know what I was doing and I’d just blink really hard and maybe that reshaped my cornea in a bad way. I don’t know.
Overall I’d say my vision is really fine, still improving even though I sit in front of the pc all day. Don’t get much eyestrain like I used to, either. Only thing is that my vision varies wildly. Sometimes it’s 20/20, sometimes only 20/40.

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Which is normal :wink:
Once you pay attention to anything, you notice more than you used to.
I’d search Jakes video " low myopia and never worn glasses" on youtoube, maybe that’s applicable to you :wink: