Dial vision glasses

Today , on TV I saw a advertisement about dial vision glasses.
By using this , you can change power of lens .
Anyone know about that glasses.
It’s good or not

Optical clarity is often a problem with these adjustable lenses.

Search function? :wink:

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Something that is good between -6D and +3D is a “jack of all trades, master of none” to start with.
Could replace a test lens kit*, but zero benefit to replace the 2 glasses that you will wear a lot (the differentials and the normalised glasses)

*Could replace but won’t, as the dial doesn’t tell you the strength of the diopter, there is no cyl setting to correct at certain axis, no PD setting, the quality of the lenses is questionable (the glasses are sold for 5 dollars or less - half price to cheapest basic Zenni?!?), and as the lenses slide on top of each other, they have the coke bottle look - totally not justified for low diopters. Plus, since lenses are sliding on top of each other, the clarity is on a tiny dot in the middle, further cutting off from peripheral vision.

Mechanism from their promo material

And this is their own promo photo to show how stylish it is… Not convinced…

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So my dad knows about me buying tons of glasses, but not about EM, and he mentioned that his Self-adjusting glasses came. I laughed when I saw it. My dad plans to return it but I took these just in case you guys want to do something with them. I also switched the screwdriver with mine, which had some dents :smiling_imp: The dial was difficult to twist and it felt like the lens was about to break.

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