Difference between cm measurements and Normalized prescription

What is the difference between your cm measurements and Normalized prescription?

For me i have about 0.5D difference between them, and when i reach 0.25D i reduce.
Wondering what others are doing

Matter of personal preference - and after one or two reductions you really usually have it dialed in as far as where you want your blur horizon distance!

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Thank you Jake :heart_eyes:

What do you consider the maximum difference to be in terms of diopters?

Currently my SPH difference is 0.5D and overall (SPH + CYL) about 1D and i am making progress. But i had a bigger difference for a few months and regressed in terms of progress.

I made a too early reaction this summer that got me to a -0,75d difference (between normalised and opto eye test).
I found this to be too uncomfortable and it may have slowed my progress. So I’ll never do it again!
I also have about -0,5 cyl, which I just dropped.