Difference in rate of progress of OD and OS with significant diopter gap

With a diopter gap of 1.75 between my right eye and left eye, I can feel that my right eye which needs more correction is easily achieving a 0.25D SPH reduction compared to my left eye. The corrections for my RE is 6.25 and L.E is 4.50. I calculated that slashing 0.25D gave my left eye more distance to achieve focus than my right eye. Has anyone else observed this?

You could consider some equalisation, either by unequal diopter reductions, or skipping a diopter reduction for the stronger eye. The standard EM recipe is for eyes with only a small diopter gap, if any. I have seen the same problem with my even bigger diopter gap.

Only thing that is holding me back from starting with equalising reductions is my cylinder corrections of -1D & -0.75 D in right and left respectively.

ive seen an optometrist correct to 20/40 in each eye so i think its reasonable to reduce in response to changes in your vision rather than try to force a change in a specific way


I don’t see any blur through my present normalised. I will get my new normalised soon which has 0.25D of SPH bifocal reduction. This will be my third normalised. After that I will go for a eye check up to get the correct astigmatism measurement. That will be me base to start cylinder reductions. I am going by the general guideline by Jake to first manage astigmatism and then equalizing. There is no doubt that my astigmatism is lens induced and aggravated by further introduction of -0.50D cylinder reduction.

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