Different Astigmatism Axes: a Patching Use Case?

Not a real question, not a guide, just musings, but I would love comments, experiences or just thoughts.

So my eyes have different astigmatism axes, and do not mirror each other. My non-dominant eye happens to be the least astigmatic one. So the ghosting in binocular vision can get very messy. When I active focus with both eyes, I can get the double text to clear up (even illegible text in the distance) though that often results in new ghost images appearing (fainter this time).

So today I tried patching to active focus with only the non-dominant eye for a bit, and it struggled quite a lot (to the point of getting me a headache within five minutes) but after that session, binocular vision was a lot cleaner (still a bit of directional blur, but not nearly as annoying or as detrimental to my ability to focus as before). I tried to do a few minutes with only the right eye, and it didn’t struggle as much despite supposedly having more astigmatism. The astigmatic blur was cleaner without the addition of the left eye’s, and the right eye’s active focus is about as effective as in binocular vision.

Now of course, binocular vision is clearer than what either of the two eyes sees, especially at a distance, but it does not matter too much in close up as both my eyes are below -1.5D of myopia. Monocular vision is just very uncomfortable (especially for my non-dominant eye) and I can’t sustain it for more than 10 minutes at a time. Still, It seems that my brain gets better at using both eyes if it has a good idea of what the problem of each eye is. Just a random self-experiment, still not sure of the best practice long term.

I also have my astigmatism axes in different direction. Left eye (dominant) pointing left and right eye pointing right. And this astigmatism is soooo disturbing. Right now my diffrentials have sphere 0 but my astigimatism cyl so I can compare with and without astigmatism. The diffrence is huge! Centimeters about 7-9 centimeters (about 47) less than with glasses with cyl (about 55-56 cm). With my differentials I get a good working distance on my laptop with some AF. Without - no way! Annoying!! And my astigmatism is in my cornea so I have no idea if it possible to change it. But I am sure going to try!

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Best of luck in that! In more ways than one, we’re all on uncharted waters here, so there is no telling what is or isn’t reversible, so let us not limit ourselves!

Have you had any luck clearing some of that astigmatic blur with active focus?

No none at all. But I think I will have to start working on my astigmatism after one more reduction in sphere. Or wait till next spring/summer when the light is returning to this dark country where I am living. I imagine it will be easier in good day-light. :slight_smile: That is - if I can get it to work.

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