Differentials going mainstream?

I was browsing the internet for more online stores that sell glasses at a reasonable price and found that the store “eyes and more” have a section on the website advertising what we would call our differentials (https://www.eyesandmore.de/about-quality). They talk about selling glasses that are fitted for a distance of only 40 cm (to screen), or further (e.g. to wall) to relieve the eyes… One can order from Austria, Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

As there is no English version, here is a quick and ok googel translation from that part of the site:
“Office glasses go beyond the possibilities of a classic single vision or varifocal lens and relieve your eyes in everyday working life at computer workstations. Depending on the activity and area of application, the design of the office glasses can be adapted, creating defined viewing areas of 40cm to 4m. All office glasses from eyes + more are also equipped with the special digital blue filter. A coating that filters the dubious blue light when all digital media are used and at the same time provides lasting protection for the lens of the eye and, in particular, the retina of the eye. Depending on the requirements of your workplace, we differentiate between the office glasses Screen, Dialog and Room, which are explicitly designed for different viewing distances. We also offer you our Office Single Vision. This is a classic single vision lens that is also refined with the digital blue filter.”

The site does not specify what kind of strain these glasses are protecting from (except for the blue light stuff of course)… We might have a suspicion there :wink:
Had the feeling I should share this, as I think that this is an interesting development. Has anybody else come across this kind of “official product”?


that;s cool, yeah the Germans were already somewhat accepting of the term “computer glasses” (which are weaker by default)