Dinah's Journey, high myopia

This is Dinah and I work as a researcher. I’m 27, work 8-12 hours every day in front of my computer and I see my vision is decreasing.

Jan. 2021
Now I wear glasses: left: 5.25 sph, 0.75 cyl and right: 6.5 sph, 1.25 cyl. Last week I had some infection and felt my eyes were very dry, so I went to the doctors. The doctor told me that my cornea is very dry and my eyes got worse; left: 5.75 sph, 0.75 cyl and right 8.25 sph, 1.25 cyl. I was very desperate.
I know the EM and followed the facebook group for around half a year. Now I really decide to start my journey. :slight_smile:


good choice - at the very least, once you have found good differentials for yourself, and start using them for a few weeks, you will relieve your ciliary spasm, probably gain 0.5 D just from that, and probably realise you are overprescribed (opticians tend to correct for sharp NIGHT distance vision and some even add 0.25 D on top of that - so if you have a typical optician your normal daytime prescription might be 0.5 D less than what you state above, anyway ) :slight_smile:


I suspect that when the infection clears up you would not need the over correction. Or at the very least be aware that you may not need them. Very good idea to take the cm measurements. Glad you started.


update May 2021

I start wearing my differential at the beginning of April. left: 3.5 sph, 0.5 cyl; right: 6.5 sph, 1 cyl. (I have tried 6.25 sph and 1cyl for my right eye. However, it was super blurry and I cannot use my right eye properly looking at my screen. So I add 0.25 more to my right eye and now I feel very comfortable using my differentials. ) My normalized is: left: 5 sph, 0.5 cyl; right: 7.5sph, 0.75 cyl.

In the middle of May, I visited my eye doctor because I feel some strains in the back of my right eye. I feel something is pulling my eyeball, and the doctor presumed that my right eye was too dry. She gave me some eye drop and I do feel much better. I wonder, whether dry eye will severely influence the eyesight? Because in winter, my eye got much worse going together with the dry eye.

She also checked my eyesight. Guess what? My left eye has reduced 0.75 diopters, now: 5.0 sph! The right eye doesn’t change, but we will check again after my dry eye problem is solved! In this case, should I reduce my left eye first, or wait for my right eye to improve first then change glasses?


Yes, it certainly could. Here’s an article for cataract surgeons warning that dry eye leads to inaccurate measurments and could cause them to install the wrong intraoccular lenses.

The Impact of Dry Eye on Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

I’d be inclined to measure everything carefully after the dry eye is resolved before changing glasses. Your measurements might be completely different after the dry eye problem has been solved.

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