Diopter reduction after a weekend out in nature

Hello Everyone,

Super excited to see my centimeter measurements which usually give me an L: -6.50 and R: -6.75 in the evening (my distance glasses are still at L: -6.75 and R: -7.00) seem to have been reduced to L: -5.75 and R: -6.00 after a weekend up in our family chalet (I’m from Switzerland).

Had around 1h max of telephone screen time per day saturday and sunday, with absolutely no reading and no computer time…

The difference is quite unbeleivable…


Darcy R.


That’s amazing! You have definitely released most, if not all of your ciliary spasm! I hope you are motivated and ready for the slower process of reducing your axial length.

Save these as baseline for what we might assume is less ciliary spasm. The more often you find it, the more you can focus on slowly adjusting habits to end up around that same range.

May not have to be dramatic change.

Also, chalet. How does anyone get by without a family chalet? :grimacing: (I used to live in Lausanne … no chalet though.)

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Lausanne, really? That’s actually where I’m from.

Super motivated now that I see what the possibilites are.

Yup yup. Caused a whole lot of unrest there, that city had quite the party scene (back in the day anyway). 25 years ago now? More? :joy:

25 years ago, so that probably means the Mad club and the dolce vita :joy: , and right when I started going out. Was great fun.

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