Directly -3 Glasses due to optometrist

From some years, i was having problem in my eyesight (The blur) i neglected wearing glasses and didn’t visit the optometrist. In the starting of this year, i visited the optometrist and i Got a power of -2.5 and -3. Is this all pseudomyopia? I never wore glasses before this. Also i am also not wearing my glasses full time currently.
Any advice!

If you haven’t worn your glasses then the myopia is not due to an optometrist.

If you have bad habits for eyesight (lots of screen time, little or no distance vision time, wearing full distance corrections for close up, straining your eyes to see clear, dim lights around you, etc), you will develop myopia. First pseudo myopia and then real myopia. To be honest, the -2.5D and -3D sound like myopia over the pseudomyopia range. But the EM method is the same for both, so it doesn’t really matter which one you have.

If you have bad habits for eyesight and don’t wear glasses you will develop myopia.
If you have bad habits for eyesight and wear overcorrected glasses for every distance including close up then you are likely to develop lens induced myopia on top of myopia.

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This is a very interesting topic. I think the people with pseudomyopia, who try to get rid of it without glasses, are rare. Are you sure that the blur starts at ca. 40-33cm ?
Try to avoid close up work for some weeks and look more at the distance, measure again. If I had a second chance I would not start wearing glasses at all, but if the eyeball grew without glasses, that’s strange. This would mean the eyeball can grow even because of close up work without glasses.

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Yeah, the blur starts ar around this range. This myopia had increased during this pandemic when I was at home in front of my laptop all the time.
I will surely follow the suggestions you gave. Thanks!

can i ask how old you are? cause while kids are still growing - they eyeball grows too - and if they have bad habits they can develop the kind of myopia you are talking about. that’s what i had too. my first glasses were like -1.5 and they were not due to ciliary spasm, i remember i didn’t see anything clearly for years before that.

Maybe it is almost impossible to relax your eyes, if you need to use the laptop every day.
It would be better to use a TV as your laptop screen. This is how I improve my eyes, I use only a big TV in 3 meter distance and the right glasses.
Maybe you have at least no lens-induced astigmatism, so you should never start using glasses with cylinder. So best thing would be having holidays for some weeks and try to relax the eyes first, if it does not help, you need to do reduced lens method.