Distance vs Close-up Active Focus

I’m coming up on my two-year anniversary in the end myopia program so I’ve been reflecting on my progress thus far. I think the biggest stumbling block for me in terms of not making faster progress is that while I’ve been quite good all along at active focus with text on my computer screen, I’m lousy at doing active focus outside and it’s something I’m still struggling with. So although I’m getting daily opportunities to practise distance vision, either walking or driving, I don’t think that time is spent effectively. I know active focus is something everybody has to figure out for themselves, but I’d be grateful for any tips anyone has. For example, I’d be interested to know whether other people find the process the same for both close up and distance, or whether you are conscious of doing something different with distance vision. Looking at my computer screen I can blink and my eyes focus and clear the text pretty easily, but having the same degree of success with signs outside still eludes me for some reason.

Perhaps the community tips post is something that might be an inspiration to you? Given that you haven’t read it already:

Personally, it has worked for me the same way it worked for distance vision. I blink lightly, and if it doesn’t work, i blink hard. Sometimes i have a little bit too much double vision and i squint. It’s just a mix of everything basically. Most of the time when it works and with better results as in clarity, i find myself having pulled my ears back a little in the process. I think that is some of the muscles associated with the activity when you blink hard. If signs with text doesn’t work, try trees and overhead wires. These tend to work for me most of the time, the increased clarity is very obvious. Take it slow, and start out without walking quickly or moving basically. Best when there is good sunlight. Not entirely sure but a mindset with purpose might help, like consistently thinking of wanting to clear things up. Some of the sports i do whereby i occasionally use active focus every now and then are running, football and basketball. Thinking of trying badminton. (You know why) For eg. Think to yourself “I want to make the shuttlecock clearer” and blink hard while looking at it in the air. Keep trying. Once the habit gets inside your subconscious mind, it’ll be easier. Sorry for the long winded comment, i am 18 years old and english is not my first language.


Thank you for the tips. Your English is excellent!

I have read it, thanks. I’ve been working on this issue for quite some time now. I can clear text in the distance if I spend a lot of time looking at it, but staring at something for 15 or 20 minutes is not a practical way to practise distance vision when you’re out for a walk or driving. I know a lot of people are able to do it quickly but it doesn’t usually work for me. I suspect it’s something I just have to keep struggling with on my own.

Sadly I have no experience with this. The moment AF started to work it also did so in the distance, getting quicker as time went by. So I’m not sure how to help you further along with this. I’d wish that I would have something more useful.

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For me distance active focus works almost automatically, as soon as I’m outdoors the eyes start focusing. In front of the computer it´s more conscious work I would say. I really enjoy being outside and I’m very aware of how relaxing it is for the eyes to look in the distance versus feeling the strain when looking up-close. Don´t know if that helps but I’m not staring at anything, it´s more like just let it happen. So I wonder if this is still active focus or should be called automatic focus? :wink:


Since you have been practicing EM for 2 years, I will assume your normalised glasses are not too weak. Active focus is much harder when there is too much double vision. I find distance AF harder than close up AF too. When I am outside in bright light, I like to look up at the sky, at birds, at the clouds, etc… for a minute first. That enables me to AF at text on the ground like street signs almost immediately. I think this is for 2 reasons: 1) looking so far into the distance first, helps my ciliary muscle relax (my muscle tends to tighten way too easily) and 2) the bright sky stimulates the eyes’ cones. Cones require more light and are used more in daylight whereas rods are used more in night vision. Cones are the ones responsible for sharpness and detail. By the way, I look at the sky with my back to the sun. It is not safe to look towards the sun.


Another thing that maybe could help you is introducing some time of distance vision sitting in a park or on your balcony-if you have one- or if it´s too cold already spend some time in a comfortable chair in front of a window and practice active focus like this. Could be easier if you are not walking or driving. Furthermore you have a similiar posture as for close-up what might do the trick for your brain?