DIY anti-tick cream

I used to get tick bites every year, and once I even got borrielosis. After finding out they don’t like certain scents, I started making my own tick cream. Since then I haven’t been bitten; so I post my recipe here. Maybe it will be useful for someone else.
Any hand cream, a large sized dollop or about two finger lengths from a tube, put it in a washed out old face cream pot, or anything else with a tightly closing screw lid.
About 3-4 drops of essential oils, any make which can be used on the skin. I use Primavera, 2 drops lavender, 2 drops rose geranium. Mix it in with a tooth pick. I sometimes put a drop of thyme/rosemary too for variation. I can’t give exact amounts, I do it by feel and use it as long as it smells of the oils.
Before going to ticky areas, rub a teensy weensy bit (I use as little as possible, the oils have a strong scent and are quite potent) into your forehead, temples, neck, wrists, ankles, elbows, backs of knees, anywhere exposed or where you`ve been bitten before. I’m not sure how long the scent lasts, but if you’re spending the whole day outside it might be good to take it with you and apply it again.


Thanks, I like that! I usually make a spray, but you always have to shake it like crazy before use. I also use catmint etheric oil, which ticks hate! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! That is useful to know.

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