Do aspherical lenses cause more myopia progression?

They make higher powered lenses aspherical to try to make them more useful outside optical center.

But peripheral myopic defocus slows myopia progression, so it’s actually a good thing for people with progression to have blur on the edges…


Spherical lenses could introduce “oblique astigmatism” and not myopic defocus in the periphery. I don’t see any nice myopic defocus through periphery of my old -9 cyl -1.5 glasses (suitable for positive stimulus).

And, I guess peripheral defocus is over-mentioned because of companies making studies for the sake of their products and not for research. It should not do any harm unless you are not aware what do you see through your central vision, I think.

Contact lenses are fine for all that, but both glasses and contacts with astigmatism or high power need to be significantly improved. IMO, soft contact lenses should get a better quality of lens (hybrid contact lenses should do the job), that does not make vision unstable after blink at all and can’t be cheated by blinking for making vision sharper. Glasses, not having all listed above, on the other hand need to be perfected so they should not have spherical, chromatic, oblique astigmatism aberration, minification or magnification at all. The second is very hard, if possible I guess. Probably, the last is nearly impossible. Also, I will propose a very useful feature: glasses without a need to rely on vertex distance. They have distance from eyes, but their prescription is equal to contact lenses prescription.