Do I have to wear my normalized all the time?

Hello everyone,

I am a current college student working on improving my vision as much as I can in my crazy school schedule. I got my normalized glasses in the mail that seem to have just the right amount of blur. Normally, I wear full-prescription eye contacts and have gotten used to presenting myself as someone who does not wear glasses. Could I still improve my vision at a similar rate if I only wear my normalized glasses when I get home or for just a few hours a day as opposed to wearing them 24/7? I have not yet achieved active focus but I only just got a fitting pair of normalized lenses and have used them for watching tv at night. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

I would definitely wear them outdoors and in school, instead of your full correction contacts. I think wearing your full correction for a considerable amount of time, will slow down your progress. So you should probably only wear those when you absolutely need to, like in traffic at night. If you don’t like to wear glasses in public you should probably get a pair of normalized contacts. When doing close-up work you should of course wear your differentials (unless you have low myopia and don’t need any).
Personally I also like to wear no correction whatsoever at times. When I’m just hanging around the house for example I don’t need to see absolutely clearly, so then I just take them off.


Full correction is the pure negative stimulation if you look closer than 20 feet with them. I believe it is impossible just to use contact lenses for school, because you look all the time on your book and also on the blackgoard, right?
You need 2 corrections or the full/normalized correction will create eye strain when you look up-close. So you should decide using plus glasses for close-up or full correction for distance vision. If you choose something in the middle for contacts, you will probably need both glasses. Dynamic vision sucks really for vision improvement because the glasses are static. I wish there were dynamic glasses. By the way I heard of the special contact lenses which seem to avoid myopia progression if you look up close.
Maybe that would be a good alternate?
I really hate to destroy and risk my eyes with contact lenses because of other people, who are not worth doing that for.

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He hasn’t said what his diopters are. He may not need differentials at all. Also, if he is a very low myope, Jake’s advice not to wear lenses at all sometimes will apply.

We don’t have all his facts.


By the way, from what he describes and the title, I already can guess that he is probably quite a high myope…What we have to do is just to survive, and be happy. It’s about choice.

If you’re only getting started, you don’t need normalised lenses yet, you need to start with differentials: that is, you need to stop looking at your computer and books with your full prescription and get something only strong enough for you to read your material. I’ve never done EM with contact lenses, but I believe people use plus lenses on top of their contacts as differentials.