Do I need a prescription to order from Zenni?

Hello, someone told me that I can order glasses from Zenni without a prescription.

I tried but it does not seem to be the case. Any idea???

Thank you!

That’s strange. Nobody asked for the prescription when I ordered glasses from Zenni.
Could you place your order or was the order blocked?
Some people got e-mails requesting prescription after placing the order, just neglected it and still got their order shipped…

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Thank you for your quick comments Bianca! I tried again and found how to do it!

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I had no such request a couple years ago for my fairly mild prescription. There were a couple threads at that time on the subject. The consensus was that those companies software asks sometimes as a quality control measure i.e. to make sure the lens index / thickness will produce usable glasses and avoid errors or disappointment by the customer.

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No prescription is required. You self enter the len values you require.

Thank you so much!

Thank you. I managed to find the way to order it without prescription!