Do I really need so much correction, Doctor?

Hi EndMyopians,
I got a new “prescription” for far vision from the optometrist last week and I’m a little stumped. Here’s the Rx history for last three years –

2018 (bifocal/progressive)
sph: -3.25|-3.50
cyl: +0.50|+0.25 axes: 109|098
add: +2.50|+2.50

2019 (bifocal/progressive)
sph: -2.75|-3.00
cyl: No correction (did it go away?)
add: +2.50|+2.50
[Vert prism .75 down]

2020 (single vision, just measured by optometrist last week)
sph: -2.75|-3.25
cyl: +0.50|+0.50 axes: 152|008
[Vert prism 1.0 down]

First questions. I’m sure this May 2020 Rx is going to be, like the previous ones, too strong. Because for 2 years now I have been using my “computer glasses” -2.50|-2.50 exclusively, including for far vision, including for driving, and I can see well enough (20/30 on 6 m Snellen)These “computer glasses” have no astigmatism or prism correction – so question is, is this disparity due to the unnatural environment of optometrist’s testing? Am I so “blur adapted” that I don’t even know I need more correction for far vision and astigmatism? How can there be so much difference between what he measures and what I actually use on my face to see? Is it merely because he’s correcting to 20/20?

Second questions. Is this just a thing with astigmatism, that it can change so much? Can I assume the correction for 2020 is correct? Is +0.50 low enough to just skip it? Just looking for your thoughts. If it had stayed the same all three years, I would not even question it. But when it seems to come and go …

Looking for any insight, opinions, corrections to my lack of knowledge, before I order any norm/far glasses. For now I’ll just keep using “computer glasses” as is, because they are giving me a bit of challenge for the way-out-there fine detail. Not ideal, but that’s my starting point.

I can still order some diff/close glasses based on dropping some sph from the -2.50|-2.50 “computer glasses” (prob -2.00|-2.00 based on my cm ruler) And strangely, the optometrist says I don’t “need” any glasses for close vision. Yes I do!

Apologies in advance for too long post or for inappropriate or dunder-headed questions!

Have you measured your blur edge in cm? And checked it on the endmyopia calculator?

What distance do you normally sit from your computer? That will determine best diffs.

I’m a bit confused what makes you think you need glasses for closeup when your edge of blur is 53-55cm and your primary distance is 48cm.
I have similar measurements and I go without glasses on my laptop.