🇨🇳 Do We Have Any Chinese Members In The Group?

Would like your feedback on some vision questions related to mainland China.

So if you’re from China, or living in China, or even just like Chinese soap operas (or not that last one), please reply in this thread or PM me. :slight_smile:

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I’m from mainland China but have mainly lived overseas for the past 19 years or so. Do I count?:slightly_smiling_face:


You shall be counted! :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, the gist …

I’m exploring whether it may make sense to add endmyopia in China. My main curiosities are:

Are we aware of any legalities on discussing these “health” alternatives in China? (in the US for example there are significant restrictions on discussing myopia, terminology has to be carefully chosen)

Would there be any (negative?) connotation or divisiveness created by a foreigner being the one discussing myopia? Seeing an increasing amount of anti foreigner activity by the Chinese government, not sure how to interpret the likely bias of the news.

Any other insights and thoughts on what would happen if a Chinese version of endmyopia existed?

All this since I get a ton of inquiries from Chinese about doing more of our work inside the ‘great firewall’ and native to their social media, video platforms, and ideally in Chinese language. I’ve ignored these requests but they’re really becoming increasingly numerous. Also considering that Google now censors health discussion probably more than the Chinese government censors anything (search “YMYL”), might as well consider new venues.

Thanks for any insights!


A Chinese version of endmyopia would be really helpful to the huge population of myopes there.

However I don’t have a good feeling about such an operation. Anything against the mainstream medicine (both modern medicine [西医] and traditional medicine [中医]) there might be ignored by the authorities in the beginning, but could be shut down sooner or later when there is a significant following, especially if it is run by a foreigner.

Just my two cents.


Try here in Japan first? I may not be the best person to help you though.

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@krtekz That’s what I was concerned about, exactly.

I really don’t know the situation in mainland china so I can’t say much. I grew up in the states

I can pass around this info to a relative and see what she thinks.

I wonder maybe we can email the authors of some of our favorite publications from China and get their thoughts?

I think one thing that we have going for us is our community cannot be what it is without the invaluable scientific contributions that the Chinese government supported.

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I‘m chinese,lived in beijing.
In China, people need to be qualified to discuss health issues on websites.For example, individuals who post health articles on toutiao(今日头条) or WeChat platforms need a doctor’s certificate or a health management certificate.
The website needs to be put on record in the government, which is generally the main body of the company to carry out business activities.

In China, where the mobile Internet is dominant, traffic to websites is falling sharply.WeChat toutiao ticktok is the most active app every day.


There are nearly 600 million myopic people in China, with a high school myopia rate of more than 70 percent.




I am from China, and all levels of government in China have created a lot of environment for students to grow up, such as: lighting renovation of classrooms, increasing outdoor activities, and screening for entrance vision twice a semester.

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Got various bits of feedback, a lot suggesting that we could do a China based version.

Why are you so excited to do business in China? Haven’t you seen “Band in China” by South Park?:laughing::wink:

I’m not excited about anything. Not sure what conveyed that sort of emotion.

Any of us could have the dubious fortune to have been born in China. All governments suck - have you listened to anything that Edward Snowden has said about the US government? That’s not heading in great directions either, and you can bet they’re eyeing Chinese govt pretty enviously. :wink:

I get a zillion e-mail from Chinese asking for help, so it’s a topic I can’t forever just ignore. Question for me is just, is it feasible, and worth trying.

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Was kidding :yum: although as a person living under pseudo democracy and socialistic economy like India I honestly feel liberals and leftists in the developed world don’t really appreciate USA and the freedoms it has made possible not only on its soil but also around the world. You really don’t want to live in a socialist country. USA has its issues but from my perspective it is 1000 times better than what we have here, having freedom is equated with obedience to the will of the government.

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I know I got that.

And I probably shouldn’t have commented. Politics is such a topic!

My perspective / interest / following any politics at all is mostly just for FOREX trading and looking at governments from a FIAT perspective. Which doesn’t put any of them in the best possible light (India had some especially juicy moments as of late - yikes). Other than that I only care to the extent to avoid becoming a casualty. :slight_smile:


Hi Jack, I am from a small city in China.
For sure there are lots of people are searching for methods to refine their eyesight.
As you said, most people do not know those small brands like Endmyopia, most of them trust the big brand and they are the victim of glasses and even do not know the reason behind.
People want quick success, so in the markets may have different kinds of magic pill or machine, hospitals advertise eye surgery that could really break people’s eyes, some people still waiting, still, lots of people eventually take that surgery.
If you want to study China, then just do it, do not have the old image of China, people are open mind especially the young. Do not care about politic, it’s normal that everything will be hard in the beginning. If you want to do something in China, tell me if I could do any help, it is my great honor to be with you.
By the way, there is a man who uses reducing diopter method around the year 2009 on the internet, his blog address is
, he had some kind of success but no proof to show his axial lens also got reduced. He also uses the words (闪现 shanxian) the same as active focus,you can read to get more information.


That’s awesome, @LukeVan I really appreciate it. Hoping to launch a China effort soon. :slight_smile:

wondering, would it be possible for us to have like an informal wechat group? I don’t read too well in Chinese but I can hang around.

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