🇨🇳 Do We Have Any Chinese Members In The Group?

I wonder whether the Chinese writing system contributes to the problem. Whereas the Latin alphabet we use in the west is quite easy to read, Chinese characters* are a lot more intricate and need to be perused much more closely.

*some of them, not all of them, obviously

Right, but would a topic such as natural eyesight correction fall under the eye of the censors?

If you build a website, you should got Internet Content Provider license. If you publish health-related articles on various apps in your own name, you need to have a doctor, nutritionist or other qualification certification.


this is why I do not want the Chinese, or its central communist party, in charge of anything.

As an American, I value my freedom of speech, more than some other governments do. Unfortunately, there are elements here who seem to think suppressing certain ideas is a good idea. I worry for our future.


I think we could make this happen, with the help of a core group of China based participants. I’m still a bit distracted by the site redesign, but it’s good to have this conversation happening.


I am from Singapore . The opticians’ paradise .


Once the very rough attempt at transcribing Guillaume’s interview is finished, I’ll work on a transcript for this video if it’s still not done at that point. I hadn’t realized until Guillaume’s that the general public has access to submitting transcriptions, not just translations. Hooray technology! Should go much faster too, as audio’s generally better :smiley: But hopefully a proper English transcript will make further translationy things easier to do.



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yes,Jake 's method is very similar this 银色战车 ,国内很早就有了。




Endmyopia confirmed works in Chinese people in a Chinese version of Quora

颠覆认知:真性近视可自愈! - 知乎

And they watch Todd Becker with subtitles!

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I’m Chinese from Malaysia. There are lots of Chinese here, please don’t misunderstand that there are only Malays here. We can have weaker glasses, just that the doctor wouldn’t be happy to prescribe them.